One UI 4: 7 new Samsung UI with Android 12

Samsung released this Monday (13) the first beta version of the One UI 4.0 for phones in the Galaxy S21 family. Based on Android 12, the interface adds several features and new features to enhance the user experience.

Already available in some countries, One UI 4.0 beta has been tested by SamMobile, which had early access to Samsung’s new interface. Greater customization of the system and a focus on privacy are among the highlights of the update.

We list, below, some of the main new features of the One UI 4.0 beta among the items highlighted by the publication.

1. Split screen for more apps

Pop-up that lets you use split screen.Pop-up that lets you use split screen.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

Enabling split screen in all apps will be possible in the new interface, including those that don’t support the feature, such as Instagram.

2. Better widget visualization

One UI 4.0 (left) compared to the previous version.One UI 4.0 (left) compared to the previous version.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

The widgets menu is now displayed in a vertical list, allowing you to see how many features there are in each app.

3. More privacy control

Icon at top of screen shows app using camera.Icon at top of screen shows app using camera.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

A green circle around the program icon indicates which apps are currently using the camera and microphone. Another new feature is access to the permissions history for the last seven days.

4. Contact and emergency information page

Emergency Section.Emergency Section.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

A new section has been added to the settings menu, making it possible to add medical information and register emergency contacts.

5. New look for device assistance page and default apps

Differences from the previous interface.Differences from the previous interface.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

We can notice the presence of new icons, animations and fonts in the device’s assistance area. There are also visible changes in the default apps section.

6. Adjustments on the camera interface

Little has changed on camera.Little has changed on camera.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

Only one small change was mentioned in the camera, with the display of numbers (0.5x, 1x and 3x) instead of trees when changing the focal length of the lens.

7. New Android 12 loading and easter egg animation

Plugging the cell phone into the wall socket.Plugging the cell phone into the wall socket.Source: SamMobile/Reproduction

Among the novelties of One UI 4.0, there is also a new animation when plugging the phone into the socket and the easter egg of Android 12, which appears when placing the hands of the clock marking 12h.

As One UI 4.0 is still in beta, the trend is that more new features will be added over time. So far, there is no expected arrival for the interface in the Brazilian market.

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