Pacheco returns Bolsonaro MP from social media

Pacheco returns Bolsonaro MP from social media

Photo: Adriano Machado/Crusoé

Rodrigo Pacheco returned to the federal government this Tuesday (14) the MP that limited the removal of content published on social networks and changed the Internet Civil Rights Framework.

With Pacheco’s gesture, the MP loses its vigor.

“By promoting unannounced changes in the internet civil act, as a tight deadline for adaptation, in breach of its provisions, the MP generates considerable legal uncertainty for agents subject to it, as also highlighted by various manifestations of organized civil society and the opinion of the OAB forwarded to the Senate”, said Pacheco.

O texto da MP foi assinado por Jair Bolsonaro um dia antes das manifestações pró-governo do 7 de Setembro e considerado um aceno à base do presidente —bolsonaristas acusados ​​de propagar fake news tiveram publicações apagadas em redes como Twitter, Facebook e YouTube.

The president of the Senate had indicated that he would decide last week, but decided to postpone his verdict. The note issued by Bolsonaro, in which he backed off from coup threats to the STF, also influenced the postponement.

Pacheco, however, considered that Augusto Aras’ manifestation against the MP strengthened the tendency that the text should be returned, eliminating the possibility of the gesture being seen as political and against Planalto.