Partnership with Búrigo Laboratory projects 100% of the newborns at Hospital Unimed with BCG vaccine

Little ones receive the ‘dose of the brand on the arm’ free of charge on the first day of life

Laboratório Búrigo and Unimed Criciúma formalize the first joint action since the cooperative’s acquisition of the clinical analysis company. The initiative entitled My First Vaccine makes available free of charge to all babies born at Hospital Unimed the BCG, immunizing against tuberculosis, on the first day of life.

The application of doses will always be made by a team from Búrigo Sala de Vacinas. The project’s goal is that all children leave the maternity hospital with BCG already applied, says the coordinator of Vaccines at the Búrigo Laboratory, Leandro de Costa. “We are going to give the option to mothers and fathers also the possibility of immunizing newborns against hepatitis B. This dose, made separately, has a discount for users of the health plan”, he explains.

The first to know the novelty was little Bella. The mother, Isabelle Miranda Schambeck, praised the convenience of being able to guide these fundamental stages of the beginning of life in the safety of the hospital environment. “First of all, the vaccine is health protection and the opportunity to do it here in the maternity hospital makes it unnecessary to leave the house in these first days of life just for this, which in the times we live in (pandemic) is even more important”, he points out.