Photographer dies with Covid-19 on his birthday – It happened in Joinville

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The photographer and videomaker, Tiago Cazaniga, 38, who produced content for social media, died on his birthday in the city of Campo Largo/PR, victim of complications arising from Covid-19, in Joinville. His burial will take place in the municipal cemetery of Pirabeiraba, this Wednesday (15th). Born in Joinville, Tiago had lived with his wife for two years in the city of Pinhais.

His death reverberated on social media. Singer Sula Miranda lamented the loss of her friend:

In 2015 I had the honor of meeting this amazing person. The photographer Tiago @cazaniga. A talented professional, fun and unafraid to give his best. On that occasion, we did the cover of “CD Inabalável”, and the chemistry was so good that we repeated the dose in 2017 with the cover of “EP Sertaneja”. Today I would like to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, but I will have to say “GOODBYE”, because on the date you arrived here, you also decided to leave. My friend, thank you for being a part of my life and career; it was marked never to be forgotten. It was early, but God wanted it that way!! May God welcome you with open arms and may He comfort the heart of your wife @karol.caza, your family and friends.”

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