Plane that crashed in Piracicaba, King Air takes up to 8 passengers, costs over R$ 35 million and is common in agribusiness | São Paulo

The Beechcraft King Air B200GT plane that crashed in Piracicaba, São Paulo, this Tuesday morning (14), has a capacity for up to 8 passengers and costs, on average, a new one, more than R$ 35 million, according to specialists heard fur G1.

According to data from the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), Brazil currently has 430 airplanes of various King Air models operational and capable of flying.

The aircraft accident left 7 dead, among them Raízen partner Celso Silveira Mello Filho, 73, pilot and co-pilot. The plane crashed in a forested area in the Santa Rosa neighborhood and, with the explosion, a fire started in the area.

The aircraft that crashed was a 2019 model and was a twin-engine turboprop used for conventional landing on short runways. According to aeronautical consultant Raul Marinho, the crashed aircraft model is extremely popular in the country, especially in agribusiness, due to its ability to land on short runways and of different formations, such as dirt and gravel runways.

“I’m a pilot and I’ve flown these planes several times. It’s an extremely popular aircraft in Brazil, very robust and able to operate on runways of various types, dirt runways, gravel runways, short runways. It’s an aircraft known for its safety.” , says Marino.

The plane is made in the United States and the engine is Canadian. “It’s an easy plane to fly. Due to its load, it uses a pilot and co-pilot, but it doesn’t require the physical presence of two pilots in the operations, nor does it require the pilots to be trained in a simulator”, explains the consultant.

Model of the King Air 260 that crashed in Piracicaba, according to the manufacturer — Photo: Beechcraft/publicity

Marinho says that the aircraft that crashed was new – manufactured in 2019 -, had only a few hours of use and that, in his view, it could have possibly been a human or maintenance error.

“It has an engine with the lowest failure rate in the world, in practice, it doesn’t break if the correct maintenance is done”, says the consultant.

Pilot since 1959, George Sucupira, who was president of the Brazilian Pilots Association for over 20 years, also says that the quality of the aircraft is its differential.

“This plane that crashed is top of the line, it’s the best it has, above it only jet. It’s an excellent turboprop, with no usage limit and that lands anywhere, it’s the best in its class at the moment. And both the pilot and the pilot. the copilot were experienced. Any questioning about what caused the accident, at that moment, is speculation”, says Sucupira.

According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), the aircraft was private and was not authorized to take an air taxi.

In addition to Raízen partner Celso Silveira Mello Filho, 73, his wife, Maria Luiza Meneghel, 71, and the couple’s 3 children died in the crash: Celso Meneghel Silveira Mello, 46, Camila Meneghel Silveira Mello Zanforlin, 48 years old, and Fernando Meneghel Silveira Mello, 46 ​​years old.

Pilot Celso Elias Carloni, 39, and copilot Giovani Dedini Gulo, 24, also died.

Area where plane crashed, near Fatec, in Piracicaba — Photo: Drone César Cocco

The victims were charred and died on the spot. The Fire Department has already located the seven bodies, according to the city.

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In a note, the company Raízen confirmed the death of businessman Celso Silveira Mello Filho and family. “Celso was a shareholder and brother of the chairman of the company’s Board of Directors, Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello.”

According to the company, Also on the plane were Celso’s wife, Maria Luiza Meneghel, their three children, Celso, Fernando and Camila, pilot Celso Elias Carloni, and co-pilot Giovani Gulo.

7 die in an aircraft accident in the interior of SP — Photo: Arte G1

Fire in the forest of Piracicaba after a plane crash in the Santa Rosa neighborhood — Photo: Fire Department of SP

Also according to the fire department, the plane left Piracicaba Airport bound for Pará and fell shortly after, just before 9 am, in a green area next to the São Paulo State Technology Faculty (Fatec).

According to Piracicaba City Hall, the King Air B200 model airplane left Pedro Morganti Municipal Airport and the crash happened about 15 seconds after take-off, in a eucalyptus plantation.

The video at the beginning of the report shows the moment when the plane crashes at the back of a condominium. After hitting some eucalyptus trees during the fall, the aircraft exploded and a fire broke out in the forest beside Fatec. Firefighters try to control the flames.

Police teams and the Fire Department are at the scene and the area was isolated for inspection, which arrived at 12:00. Fuel from the plane spilled across the site.

Plane crashes in forest area in Piracicaba

Plane crashes in forest area in Piracicaba

Piracicaba City Hall also informed that it has set up a task force bringing together various municipal secretariats and the Municipal Water and Sewage Service (SEMAE), to help with the rescue and to contain the flames that spread through the vegetation after the plane’s explosion.

About 100 people are on site to help with the occurrence, according to the administration. Mayor Luciano Almeida (DEM) went to the scene.

See the full report on the accident in the EPTV Newspaper 1

See the full report on the accident in the EPTV Newspaper 1

The area remains isolated for expertise. The Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa), of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), informed in a note that it was activated and is going to the location for “initial action”.

In this action, investigators identify evidence, photograph scenes, remove parts of the aircraft for analysis, listen to witness reports and gather documents. The goal, according to the agency, is to prevent new accidents with similar characteristics from happening.

Teams work in the area where the plane crashed, in Piracicaba — Photo: Edijan Del Santo/ EPTV

The accident will be investigated by the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa), of the FAB.

The Brazilian Aeronautical Registry, from the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) points out that the crashed plane was a twin-engine model B200GT, known as King Air, manufactured in 2019 by Textron Aviation. The plane has the capacity for pilot, co-pilot and six passengers.

It was operated by CSM Agropecuária, owned by Celso Silveira Mello Filho.

The plane’s airworthiness verification certificate was valid (until September 13, 2022.

Expertise is carried out after a plane crash about two kilometers from Piracicaba airport — Photo: Edijan Del Santo/ EPTV

An employee at the Piracicaba airport informed the EPTV, affiliate of TV Globo, that the plane had arrived on Monday (13) of the review, was ready to take off and in great condition.

He also explained that the plane was a turboprop, which is when kerosene works. This technology, according to the professional, makes the plane more powerful and safer.

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