PlayStation 5 will get an update this Wednesday (15); see what changes

The PlayStation 5 will receive a significant update this Wednesday (15th). According to Sony, it will be the second largest so far, with several changes in the technical aspects and in the user interface.

The most significant will be the preparation of the system to receive an SSD M.2 – a type of high-speed solid state drive, which increases the console’s storage capacity.

Check out the video below for more details and a more detailed description of the main changes below:


Greater storage with SSD M.2: it is now possible to install this new type of drive to download, copy and play PS5 and PS4 games and media apps. You can play your PS5 and PS4 games directly from SSD M.2 and move games freely between storage options. Check the minimum requirements needed – including heat dissipation, which is extremely important.

Support for 3D audio for players using built-in TV speakers: now, 3D audio is not just limited to headsets. By enabling this new option in the Sound menu, the normal two-channel audio from the TV speakers will be transformed into three-dimensional sound, to help you immerse yourself in the game. Is your bedroom acoustics good for that? Just measure it using the Dual Sense microphone.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Equalizer Setting: this fine-tuning is now provided in the Sound menu controls.

Automatic video capture for personal bests: every time you improve your own brand in faster time challenges or higher scores, the system will automatically record a retro clip of your performance. You can share it via Control Center or Media Gallery. This functionality can be disabled in Capture and Broadcast.

New online reward: a new type of accolade, “Leader”, will become visible on the player profile after winning matches or climbing to the top of the game rankings.

Trophy Tracker improvements: now, from the Control Center, you can quickly access up to five trophies for each game.

Control Center Customization: the user can freely rearrange the main features, or show them at the bottom of the screen.

Game Base Improvements: it’s easier to see and send messages (to friends or groups). In full screen, Game Base also shows your friends status (online, off or busy) and response options for friend invitations (accept, decline, cancel).



Organization of Game Library and Home Screen: installed versions of the same game for PS4 and PS5 will be shown separately.

Screen Reader Controls: now you can pause or resume reading (PS + triangle buttons) or repeat snippets to be read (PS + R1).