Police classify ‘Angel Face’ actor’s death as ‘suspicious’ | celebrities

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Posted 14/09/2021 12:26 | Updated 09/14/2021 12:34 PM

Rio – The death of actor Luiz Carlos Araújo, 42, was classified by the Civil Police of São Paulo, which is investigating the case, as “suspicious”. According to the magazine “Quem”, the actor was found lying on the bed in his apartment, in São Paulo, with a plastic bag over his head. As Luiz Carlos spent some time without answering phone calls, friends decided to go to the place.

The case was registered at the 2nd Police District, in Bom Retiro, and is being investigated by the 3rd Police District, in Campos Elíseos, where the actor’s building is located. According to what police chief Roberto Monteiro told “Quem”, the case is treated as a “suspicious death”. Luiz Carlos’ apartment had cameras, including in the bedroom. The building he used to live in, however, does not have cameras in common areas.


Two friends of Luiz Carlos Araújo and the boyfriend of one of them went to the actor’s building last Saturday as they weren’t getting in touch with him. The building’s caretaker did not know the group and therefore did not allow the climb. But he went to Luiz Carlos’ apartment, knocked on the door, had no answer and smelled a strong odor.

Also according to “Quem”, the police arrived at the scene around 5:00 pm and also smelled it. They activated a locksmith, who after some time managed to open the door. The door was locked from the inside and the key in the lock. According to the porter’s report, no stranger was seen entering the building. Luiz Carlos was the owner of the property.

The last time he was seen by building officials was on Wednesday, which coincides with investigations, which show that the body was located when the actor had been dead for at least 48 hours.