Police investigate execution of Paraguayan businessman with seizure of nearly 3 tons of cocaine · Jornal Midiamax

The murder of Paraguayan businessman Mauricio Daniel Schuartzman Parnes, 52, last Sunday (12), may be linked to the seizure of 2,906 kilos of cocaine in the port of Villeta, in Asunción, which took place in October last year. According to investigations, the execution was done by professional criminals.

Police Chief Karim Correa, head of the National Police’s Homicide Investigation, said on Monday (13) that the businessman’s murder “has a mark”, in addition to “something very heavy”. However, he avoided referring to the motive for the murder.

However, the hypothesis around the connection with the cocaine seized in October was raised this Tuesday (14) by the Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio. According to him, in an interview with ABC Color, the case involves a lot of damage to drug trafficking and in this type of occurrence, some developments were already expected.

Also according to the police, the gunmen acted with 9mm and 5.56 caliber guns, in an operation that was very well planned. Before the execution, the gunmen had kidnapped the block’s private security guard and a family friend for a few hours.

The crime took place at 8 pm on Sunday, when four people approached the businessman’s house and surrendered the security guard. He was threatened with a gun to his head so he wouldn’t scream. Afterwards, he was tied up and placed in a car in which they took several turns around the block.

In the meantime, another employee of the businessman came home to return a vehicle he was using. As he prepared to leave his car keys in the guardhouse, he was surprised by the bandits, who also tied him up and put him in the same vehicle as the security guard.