Police investigates 3 hypotheses to clarify the death of an actor in an apartment in the Center of SP | São Paulo

THE Civil police from São Paulo is investigating at least three hypotheses to try to clarify the death of actor Luiz Carlos de Araújo: Suicide, death resulting from the use of toxic substances and even murder. He was 42 years old and was known for having acted in the soap opera ‘Angel Face’, by SBT.

The body of Luiz Carlos was found, last Saturday (11), by the Military Police (PM) in the apartment where I lived, in the Aurora Street, in the Republic, central region of the capital of São Paulo. He was alone, lying face up on the bed, with a black plastic bag on the head.

“The actor had a bag over his head. Which is strange. Suicide is a hypothesis. Death caused by the consumption of something too. And eventually homicide,” he said on Tuesday (14) to G1 the sectional delegate Center, Roberto Monteiro.

Even so, Luiz Carlos’ death remains a mystery for the investigation.

Luiz Carlos de Araújo was 42 years old and had healthy habits, according to friends — Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

The report found that they were found medicines and food supplements in the property of Luiz Carlos. Other substances were seized and would undergo expert examinations to know their chemical composition: whether they are toxic or drugs and whether the actor consumed them.

Only the reports will point out what killed the artist. The results are not yet ready, however. O Forensic Medical Institute (IML) will produce the autopsy report. O Institute of Criminalistics (IC) will elaborate the scene of the place where the corpse was found.

The case is currently being investigated as a suspicious death by the 3rd Police District (DP), Campos Elíseos, in downtown São Paulo.

According to the delegate, Luiz Carlos was found no apparent signs of violence. “We are investigating what may have happened to him. None of the three hypotheses have yet been disregarded. We are working to investigate the circumstance of his death,” said Monteiro.

Actor acted in the soap opera ‘Carinha de Anjo’, by SBT — Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

Friends and relatives of the actor have already been heard by the Civil Police in the investigation that investigates his death. They did not report any sign that Luiz Carlos was “sad” or “depressed” that indicated that he wanted to take his own life.

Witnesses described the actor as a person who liked to take care of his health, who exercised and was more homely. Investigators also want to hear from others who have bonded with the artist.

The investigation already ruled out, however, the possibility of robbery, which is robbery followed by death. “No object of the actor has disappeared from the apartment,” said the sectional.

According to Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), Luiz Carlos’ death was only known on Saturday. Friends of his had been trying to contact the artist since Thursday (9), but he would not respond to messages left on his cell phone.

Worried, they went to the apartment and, as they approached the door, they smelled a strong odor. They called the doorman and then the PM. As the house had its door locked, it was necessary to trigger a keyring to open it.

Actor liked to work out at the gym in São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

Upon entering, the military police found the body of Luiz Carlos. The case was registered at the duty of the 2nd DP, Bom Retiro, but is being investigated by the 3rd DP.

According to police, no security cameras were found in front of the building. The only cameras that have been found are those inside the artist’s apartment. They will be inspected to find out if they recorded anything that could help to clarify the death of Luiz Carlos.

Although there is no evidence yet that anyone may have entered the apartment, the police will also investigate this hypothesis. So it will analyze the cameras in the residence.