Poll “A Fazenda 13”: who will your fans go to?

Track wants to know: of the 20 confirmed participants, which will you be rooting for?

This Tuesday, September 14th, the new season of the reality show gives RecordTV, “The farm”. The thirteenth edition began at 22:45, with a presentation led by the actress Adriane Galisteu. Now the Track want to know: who will your fans go to? Participate by answering our poll!

Poll “A Fazenda 13”: who will your fans go to?

Learn more about “The 13th Farm”

The program “A Fazenda 13” will be shown every day, with a duration of three months (expected to go until December). Its headquarters are in Itapecerica da Serra, in Greater São Paulo. There are 20 participants who promise to shake the reality and, as mentioned above, they are famous who are on the rise at the moment, from singers, ex-BBBs, actors, models and influencers.

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In addition to them, there is also a last place that is being disputed between four influencers. The TikTokers Alisson Jordan, Sthe Matos, Mah Tavares and Krawk they can win the chance to participate in the parallel confinement of the Paiol, through popular vote, and become the next pawn to enter the much sought after farm.

Also through popular voting, every week one participant will be eliminated from the program. In the end, the big winner takes home the R$1.5 million prize. However, in addition to this amount, another R$ 500 thousand will be distributed during the game, through rewards or special tests.

For the presentation of “The Farm 13”, the program of RecordTV brings for the first time a female presenter, actress and former model Adriane Galisteu. In an interview with the newspaper Extra, she says that she is very happy with the news, promising her “special way” of presenting.

I’m just too happy to give that voice to all of us women. After all, we have a very characteristic way of seeing the mess, the fire in the hay, the bullshit happen. More than that, I think I have a special way of presenting, it was like that with ‘Power Couple’ and it will be like that with ‘A Fazenda’.”

Schedule of “The Farm 13”

  • Monday: Fire Test to define who wins the lantern with the power of the week’s flame (recorded)
  • Tuesday: Formation of the Roça (live)
  • Wednesday: Farmer of the Week Tasting (live)
  • Thursday: Elimination (live)
  • Friday: Coexistence of pedestrians + start of the party broadcast (live)
  • Saturday: screening of the party that took place the night before (recorded)
  • Sunday: Coexistence of pedestrians (recorded)