Porto Alegre reduces Pfizer’s vaccine application interval from 10 to eight weeks | Rio Grande do Sul

The Porto Alegre Health Department will reduce from 10 to eight weeks the interval of application of the vaccine doses of the to do. The change is valid as of this Wednesday (15th).

People vaccinated until July 21 with this manufacturer’s immunizing agent can now get the second dose. Immunization locations and times have not yet been released.

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The city’s decision follows guidance from the Ministry of Health, which recommends reducing the interval of immunizing from the second half of September. However, the State Department of Health (SES) clarifies that the reduction in other cities in RS “depends on the advance sending of remittances by the Ministry of Health”.

“D2 are arriving in the state today from eight weeks. In general, D2 deliveries occur in nine or 10 weeks. Thus, the effective reduction of this interval depends on the MS guaranteeing sufficient quantities of laboratories producing these vaccines to advance in the reduction of the interval between doses and, also, in the vaccination of new groups and application of booster doses”, says the SES-RS.

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Regarding the second dose of CoronaVac and of the AstraZeneca, in the Capital, intervals of 28 days and 10 weeks will be maintained, respectively. Thus, those who received the first dose of CoronaVac until August 17th and July 6th from AstraZeneca can complete the vaccination schedule.

For this, it is necessary to present the identity document and the card with the registration of the first application.

Porto Alegre City Hall anticipates Pfizer’s 10-week break for eight weeks — Photo: Cristine Rochol/PMPA

Reinforcement for seniors over 70 years old

The application of the booster dose in the elderly also with the Pfizer vaccine starts from this Wednesday (15). May receive the extra dose people over 70 years old and who received the second dose until March 11, regardless of the immunizing agent applied.

Porto Alegre started the application of the booster dose on Saturday (10), but only in elderly people living in long-stay institutions. To receive the extra application, it is necessary to present an identity document and a card with the registration of the two doses. Locations and times were also not disclosed.

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Already the vaccination of bedridden elderly over 70 years old will be performed only after the end of immunization in nursing homes. The Municipal Health Department should soon disclose the guidelines for requesting the application of the third dose at home.

On Tuesday (14), the Capital began the immunization of adolescents aged 17 without comorbidities.

Until this tuesday, 68% of the resident population in the state has partial immunization and 41.4% is fully immunized.