Post offices auction 61 thousand objects between clothes and electronics

The Post Office will hold, on the 27th, an auction of objects classified as waste, those who have not been delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender, after all delivery attempts and the deadline for rights to claim. This period can vary between seven and 30 days, depending on the object.

The company informed that 61,000 items will be auctioned, including garments, microcomputers, electronic equipment, vehicle accessories, jewelry and books, among others. The initial values ​​of the lots range from R$1,303 to R$85,050.

To participate in the event, interested parties must register on Banco do Brasil’s Licitações-e platform. After completing this step, individuals and companies are able to submit proposals electronically to participate in the online dispute.

“The notice with all the information is available on the Licitações-e platform, at nº 893602, and also on the Correios’ bidding page. Just search by modality ‘Bids Correios Aberta’ and choose “São Paulo Metropolitana” in the dependency column” , informed the Post.

The company also said that the lots are stored in block 1 of the Post Office building in São Paulo, located at Rua Mergenthaler, 592. Visits to the goods must be scheduled by calling (11) 4313-8150.