Premiere has Galisteu’s faux pas, vacuum and bullshit in the 1st stall

“A Fazenda 13” premiered on the last night and Adriane Galisteu, the first female presenter of the reality show on RecordTV, was one of the highlights of the night when she ended up receiving vacuums from the edition’s pawns and committing some gaffes.

With names like Nego do Borel, Dayane Mello and Tati Quebra Barraco in the cast, the program has already had its first disagreement, the first defined stall and even a moment of empathy between the “cancelled”. Check out how the premiere of “A Fazenda 2021” was:

“It’s to come willingly!”

Galisteu tried to play with the 20 pawns of the reality show in his first live contact. However, the confined did not understand the journalist’s lines and left her in a vacuum.

First, excited by the animation of the pedestrians, Galisteu tried to play a joke related to her old show on SBT: “It seems that we even rehearsed. Farmers, don’t say hello, say…”, she asked.

The pedestrians came to be silent without understanding, but shouted “The Farm” thinking it was something related to the program. The presenter laughed, but didn’t hide her frustration:

Okay it was “The Farm”, but it was ‘how are you, Galisteu’. Next time, we’ll get it right. Adriane Galisteu

A Fazenda 2021: Adriane Galisteu at the premiere of reality - Reproduction/RecordTV - Reproduction/RecordTV

A Fazenda 2021: Adriane Galisteu at the premiere of the reality show

Image: Playback/RecordTV

Then Galisteu asked those interested in the reality show’s prize to raise their hands. “I want to know who’s got blood in their eyes to dispute the R$ 2 million that are at stake. Raise your hand and scream jeez,” he requested. The presenter was in a vacuum, again, with her attempt at play and asked the participants for attention:

Nobody went. I’ll go again. Listen to me speak first. I want to know who has blood in their eyes to dispute the R$ 2 million that are at stake. Raises your hand and yells jeez. Adriane Galisteu

After the timid demonstrations by the pedestrians, Galisteu warned that he wants to see everyone with ‘blood in their eyes’ inside “A Fazenda 13”.

Is good. They are excited. It’s a debut. I liked the animation. Also because there is R$1.5 million for the winner and another R$500,000 in prizes throughout the season. It is to come willingly. I want you guys! Adriane Galisteu

A Fazenda 2021: Pedestrians talk to Adriane Galisteu - Reproduction/RecordTV - Reproduction/RecordTV

The Farm 2021: Pedestrians talk to Adriane Galisteu

Image: Playback/RecordTV

“Hay fire” coming there

With a stab at “The Masked Singer”, Rede Globo’s reality musical, which runs at the same time as “A Fazenda”, Galisteu warned the public that the 13th edition of “A Fazenda” has no masked or costumed participant to please anyone. .

Here there is no masked pawn, nor a costumed pawn. Whoever gets out of tune, faces the people’s whip and the presenter makes a good joke. Adriane Galisteu

The presenter also made a point of saying that she was accomplished with the chance to command “A Fazenda 13” and promised to act in favor of the famous ‘fire in the hay’ in the socializing of pedestrians.

My loves, very good night. We’re live for all of Brazil and it’s my turn to say that. My God, thank you so much. With our Farm 13, which is taking off, full of news and to start with, with the presenter who speaks to you. I’m ready to turn Itapecerica da Serra into ‘Itapecirocks das Chamas’. Adriane Galisteu

just a peek

Between one VT and another, Adriane Galisteu released a “Let’s take a peek” — a term used by Pedro Bial in “Big Brother Brasil”. Quickly, she exchanged the action word: “Let’s take a look.”

“We are the three canceled from the edition”

In a chat with Nego do Borel during an action for pedestrians to meet on the first day, Rico Melquiades took the opportunity to warn the singer about the risk of eliminating the reality due to the fame of “cancelled”.

Like, you’re on, you know, I don’t know you saw it, but people said that the first ones eliminated were me, you or MC Gui. We are the three canceled from the issue. This will be really good to show the people. Rich Melquiades

Nego do Borel says he is aware of how the public sees him and understands that only his actions in confinement can keep him in contention for the R$ 1.5 million prize:

Sure, man. It’s in people’s hands. Borel

A Fazenda 2021: Nego do Borel and Rico Melquiades talk about being canceled - Reproduction/RecordTV - Reproduction/RecordTV

The Farm 2021: Nego do Borel and Rico Melquiades talk about being canceled

Image: Playback/RecordTV

Solange, Nego, Victor, Dynho, Mussunzinho and Dayane in the stall

The 20 pedestrians have already decided who are the six confined that will go to the first stall of the edition and who will stay in the comfort of the headquarters. The six residents of the bay will be banned from the farmer’s first test, which will take place tomorrow.

Solange, Nego do Borel, Victor Pecoraro, Dynho, Mussunzinho and Dayane were the “happy ones” chosen to be in the stall, and they woke up with a horse stealing one of the blankets.

The Farm 2021: Horse wakes up the stall's pawns - Play/PlayPlus - Play/PlayPlus

The Farm 2021: Horse wakes up the stall’s pawns

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

Initially, the pawns had to split into six triplets, leaving two pawns out. Valentina Francavilla and Tiago Piquilo were left over after the definition of the trios and, after revealing a sign, they discovered that they were automatically at the headquarters.

Then, in rounds of trios, each participant had to justify why they should stay at the headquarters. The “privileged” were defined by voting of the other participants.

Some promised to cook for the other pedestrians and Victor Pecoraro even cited a sciatic nerve problem to justify his stay at the headquarters.

Dayane Mello x Rico Melquiades and MC Gui

When deciding who stays in the stall and who stays at the headquarters, the pawns have already exchanged barbs. Dayane Mello got involved with the terms of the reality show and ended up defending his stay in the bay, a wish that was granted by Rico and MC Gui.

“Well, she asked to go to the stall,” concluded Rico Melquiades, ironically. “No, I’m voting because she voted for me,” he added, explaining himself, and received support from MC Gui.

If you’re going to vote for me now, it’s normal that I’ll vote for you next time too, so be very careful,” Dayane warned. “I’m talking to you?” asked Bill, and the model nodded.

Then, understanding what had happened, Dayane complained about the attitude of the pedestrians. “They’re going to try to get me out of this house, but they’re not going to succeed,” he fired.

In the fourth, the Italian vented to Medrado, pointing out that she received a different treatment. “People are going to want to kick me out because, in a way, they think I have no right. Like, ‘She came from Italy,” she said.

2021 Farm: Dayane Mello vents after exchanging barbs with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades - Playback/Record TV - Playback/Record TV

2021 Farm: Dayane Mello vents with Medrado after exchanging barbs with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades

Image: Playback/Record TV

Tati “zero tolerance”

Tati Quebra Barraco has already shown that he is not in “A Fazenda 13” for a walk. In the premiere of the reality show on RecordTV, the funkeira said that she has already identified the false friendships and even announced how she will deal with the situation, declaring that she has “zero tolerance”.

“Dona Tati Quebra Barraco, it’s your turn, woman. Look, do you think that at the beginning of the game you can already differentiate that sincere friendship from that not so sincere? Have you detected it? Talk about it,” asked Galisteu, and Tati replied:

Yes, it is possible to know who is and who is not, yes. Where I come from, right. Take the first farmer’s test and send it straight to the farm. Tati Breaks Shack

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