Producer of “BBB” manifests about supposed veto of Marcos Mion as presenter of the reality show; know details

Let the betting continue! The speculations to find out who will be the new presenter of “Big Brother Brasil“, after Tiago Leifert announced his departure from TV Globo for the end of this year, continue to generate buzz. This Tuesday (14), the producer Endemol Shine Brasil, responsible for the reality show in partnership with the broadcaster, came out publicly denying that it would have vetoed the choice of Marcos Mion to command the program.

Yesterday, journalist Carla Bittencourt, from Metrópoles, reported that the producer and the “plim plim” would be waging an “internal war” because of this impasse. While TV Globo welcomed the idea of ​​placing Marcos Mion as the host of “BBB 22“, mainly because of his popularity with the public, Endemol would not be accepting. The alleged reason was that the communicator was the host of “The Farm”, which is a direct competitor of the global reality show.

In an interview with Folha de São Paulo, Renato Martinez, Vice President of Sales and Content and Acquisitions at Endemol, explained how the producer’s relationship with the Rio station works. “Endemol Shine Brasil has an open and creative relationship with its partners. We respect any and all decisions about who will command the formats of our catalog”, started. The executive stressed that the final decision rests with TV Globo, but the proximity allows them to give their opinion about the names, when consulted. “The decision is up to the broadcaster, which decides on the choice of the talent that best suits them, according to their schedule”, finished.

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Currently, Marcos Mion presents the new format of “Caldeirão” on Saturdays. Photo: João Cotta/TV Globo

New darling of “plim plim”, Marcos Mion was recently hired and delivered good audiences with the first two episodes of “Caldeirão“. Although he has been singled out by the public and the specialized media as the favorite to take Leifert’s place, some issues still seem to be an obstacle. At least in principle, the plan is to keep the presenter on the network’s Saturdays until the end of the year only. Next year, he will take on projects at Multishow, including an unprecedented reality show.

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But the truth is that a lot is being speculated, and little is actually known about what is happening behind the scenes at the channel. This Monday (13), TV Globo spoke about the rumor that Tadeu Schmidt, another strong name in the dispute for the coveted position, had already received the official invitation to take over the “BBB”. Ana Clara Lima has also seen her name in the betting round due to the good repercussion of her work at the house. However, the redhead may face as obstacles her young age, with only 24 years old, and the fact that she still has little experience as a presenter.

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The unexpected departure of Tiago Leifert

Last Thursday (9), Tiago Leifert shocked viewers by announcing that he would leave TV Globo after 15 years working at the station. Considered one of the main names in the cast, even more for being ahead of “BBB”, the journalist made the decision based on his desire to take a break from his professional career. “I have a love affair with Globo. And so I leave with the absolute certainty that I can give myself this time and that I will continue to be welcome here at any time. Many thanks to everyone who was with me. And especially to the public, who always welcomed me”, he said in an excerpt of the statement, adding that he had been “growing the idea” for the past year.

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Tiago Leifert lived historical seasons of “Big Brother Brasil”. (Photo: Globo/Victor Pollak)
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Amid rumors that his contract termination was due to financial differences with the company, the journalist made a point of replying on social networks: “The ‘real reason for Leifert’s departure’ is the one I told Ana Maria. Any other is an invention. It might not click and look monotonous, but that’s my reason. It’s mine. The source is me. The only one possible in this case. Because it’s my life”.