Proof of Love: Joãozinho calls Elza’s house and Dudu answers: “Call the police”

In the next chapters of Proof of love, little john (Pedro Malta) will take advantage of being alone at home to call Elza’s house (Vanessa Gerbelli). Dudu is who will answer the call.

“Man, come here to help me, come here to get me out of here. The witch arrested me, she is very crazy”, will claim Joana’s son (Bianca Rinaldi). “Yeah, I know, she’s crazy and dangerous”, will agree the boy. “Bring my father, my mother, only you know the way. Call the police, do something”, will beg Dudu.


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“Our parents didn’t think I was me. It’s been a while since my mother has known the truth, because she saw that I never went to the dentist”, will tell Joãozinho. “So tell them to come here and get me. I can’t take it anymore, I’m so scared”, will insist Dudu.

“It does not give. I don’t want the stutterer to go to jail. I want to go get you, I will, but I don’t want him arrested”, will explain Joãozinho. Pestana (Luiz Henrique Nogueira) will appear taking the phone from Dudu’s hands. “My father is going there with the police to arrest you and Elza. You have to send my brother back”, will reveal Joãozinho to the bandit.

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