query for the 6th installment can now be done by Dataprev

The penultimate installment of Emergency Aid 2021 is now available for Query through the Dataprev website. Likewise, the payment schedule has also been announced. According to the schedule, the payment round of the 6th installment to Bolsa Família will start this Friday, the 17th.

The general public, that is, the others who are not beneficiaries of Bolsa Família, will start to receive as of September 21st. There is a forecast to close the payments of the 6th installment until October 3rd.

The consultation on the 6th installment of Emergency Assistance is important for those seeking, above all, to know if still eligible or if it is on the list of approved to receive the benefit. Whoever had the benefit blocked or suspended and filed the dispute, will also be able to consult it on the website.

How to consult the benefit on Dataprev

The consultation process is simple and very intuitive. Just enter the Dataprev website and inform your CPF, full name, mother’s name (if you don’t have it, just check the option “Unknown Mother”) and date of birth. Inside the page, your payment history will appear and if you were approved to receive this penultimate installment.

On the platform, it is possible to consult the results of the contestations made, so that those who had the benefit suspended will be able to know the result of the contestation.

Can I still contest if the 6th installment is suspended?

In most cases, it is possible to contest it if the benefit for some reason has been blocked. On the Dataprev page itself, the option appears when the beneficiary has the option. There are cases in which Caixa does not open this possibility.

In large part, the cancellation of the benefit occurs due to some formal work, that is, a formal contract, increased income or receiving another benefit social security.