Renato Gaúcho equals Jair Pereira and has the best start of a coach in Flamengo’s history; see list | Flamengo

Marked in history. The impressive numbers of Flamengo de Renato Gaúcho are the best since the beginning of Rubro-Negro’s football trajectory. Since their arrival, the team has won 13 games, drawn one and lost another. Use of 88.8% in 15 duels. The number of goals scored is still noteworthy: there are 48 and only 11 conceded. A balance of 37 goals.

Renato Gaúcho, Jair Pereira and Sebastião Lazaroni had the best streaks in Flamengo’s history — Photo: Infoesporte

This impeccable start is very similar to the devastating start of Flamengo de Jair Pereira, in 1990. Renato, in fact, was one of Jair’s men in the team that won the 1990 Brazil Cup over Goiás.

Now Flamengo’s commander, Renato Portaluppi followed in the former coach’s footsteps and has equaled the best start to a coach’s job in the club’s history. In his first 15 games, Jair had the same performance as Renato: 88.8%. His team, which became champion of the Copa do Brasil, scored 41 goals and conceded only 7 goals. The impressive balance of 34 positive goals was still a little lower than Flamengo version 2021.

When he was a player, Renato Gaúcho was coached by Jair Pereira at Flamengo in 1990 — Photo: Reproduction

An important observation about the research is that friendlies were included in the bill, as this type of confrontation was very frequent in the past. Of the first 15 commitments of Jair Pereira ahead of Flamengo, 12 were in friendlies and only three in official games – all for the Copa do Brasil. The only defeat for Rubro-Negro in this section was the Muqui team, from Espírito Santo, by 2-1.

It is also worth noting that Jair Pereira’s 16th game was a 1-1 draw with Taguatinga, for the Copa do Brasil that year. In other words, if Flamengo beat Grêmio this Wednesday, Flamengo de Renato will already be isolated with the best start to the work of a coach in the club’s history.

The technicians with the best start to work in Flamengo’s history

TechnicianGamesvictoriesdrawsDefeatsUtilizationPro goalsgoals againstgoal balance
Renato Gaucho (2021)15131188.8481137
Jair Pereira (1990)15131188.841734
Sebastião Lazaroni (1985)15123086.631724
Juan Carlos Bertoni (1925)15120380541836
Antônio Lopes (1987)1511twotwo77.723815
Cláudio Coutinho (1976)1511twotwo77.736729
Joaquim Guimarães (1924)1511twotwo77.7522131
Modesto Bria (1959​)1511twotwo77.7391425
Kanela (1948)15111375.5592732

For the elaboration of the research, the ge used the “Flaestatística” website and checked the data with Globo’s internal database. The survey cut the first 15 games of each coach for Flamengo, considering friendlies and official games. Home Tournament matches, which lasted less than 90 minutes, were not considered.

From this list above, only Renato Gaúcho represents a coach of the club in the 21st century. The multi-champion Jorge Jesus left the club with an incredible 82% success rate, but had a start with much lower income than Portaluppi: 68.8% in 15 games, with nine wins, four draws and two defeats.

It is also worth mentioning the work of Sebastião Lazaroni among those listed above. The only undefeated in the first 15 duels. He lost the first match only on the 19th appointment, a 2-1 to Bangu, at Maracanã. Lazaroni stayed until 1987 and won the 1986 Carioca title.

Sebastião Lazaroni, former Flamengo coach, giving instructions to Bebeto — Photo: Ricardo Beliel