Resignation? Center forward? Defeat for Flamengo doesn’t change plan at Palmeiras – 09/14/2021

Upset but down to earth. That’s how the board of directors of Palmeiras faced the return to work after another defeat to Flamengo, and this time, to a mixed team. The 3-1 of last Sunday (12), for the Brazilian Championship, however, although capitalized, does not change the convictions of the club alviverde. The idea of ​​abandoning the Nacional dispute and focusing on Libertadores, for example, does not pass by anyone.

The flurry of rumors that circulated this Tuesday (14) has no basis in fact. Abel Ferreira did not meet with the board neither to discuss his resignation, nor to talk about a contractual extension.

Abel has a contract until the end of 2022, and the current board understands that it will be up to the next president to deal with something like that. There is no question of dismissing the coach, and he also has no intention of leaving at the moment.

The cast shouldn’t undergo any further changes either. It is understood that the team has reached a level of balance within the current reality and the financial commitments assumed. The much requested by the fans “scorer striker” will not arrive, except for some market occasion very favorably outside the curve for Palmeiras.

Also because, in the internal evaluation, a team with 30 goals at the Brazilian Nationals —second best attack — has no problems reaching the net, and it doesn’t matter who is swinging it in terms of name or position on the field.

But, as published by columnist Danilo Lavieri, defensive balance is already viewed with concern. The 23 goals conceded by the team at Nacional, which make Palmeiras the worst defense among the top 13 in the table and the 4th most leaked overall, is a point of great attention at the club.

Palmeiras performed again this Tuesday afternoon and trained normally at the Soccer Academy. Abel commanded ball possession works. According to the table, the team returns to the field on Saturday, at 17h.