Revenue notifies defaulters about possible exclusion from Simples Nacional

Last Thursday (9), the IRS notified more than 400,000 Simples Nacional companies that have debts pending settlement.

The total debt corresponds to 35 billion reais.

The Simples Nacional’s Exclusion Terms and the respective Pending Reports of taxpayers who have debts with the Federal Revenue and/or the Attorney General of the National Treasury were made available in the Electronic Tax House of the Simples Nacional (DTE-SN).

The aforementioned documents can be accessed through the e-CAC Portal on the IRS website, or through the DTE-SN on the Simples Nacional portal, using the access code or digital certificate (via

The company must settle all its debts through payment or installments, to avoid its exclusion from the Simples Nacional within 30 days after the beginning of the date of awareness of the Exclusion Term.

If the first reading is made later than the 45th day after the term is made available, the company that settles all its debts within the term will remain under the Simples Nacional regime.

Therefore, there will be no need to carry out any other procedure or to go to any unit of the Internal Revenue Service.

Per: Gabriel Dau