Roberto Carlos meets with family for his son, Dudu Braga’s seventh-day mass

Roberto Carlos meets with his family this Tuesday to pay homage to his son Dudu Braga, who died last week, aged 52, from cancer. The producer and broadcaster’s seventh-day mass, held this afternoon in São Paulo, will be restricted to family and friends. The place was not disclosed, so that there is no crowding.

This is the third time that Roberto Carlos has left his apartment in Urca, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, since the pandemic began in Brazil. last week, due to his son’s funeral.

“He only broke the isolation because of that fate. If it weren’t for that, he would be at home quietly – tells GLOBO, the artist’s advisor. — Roberto is very sad. The natural order of things is for children to bury their parents. When the opposite happens, it really hurts. It’s a pain that only Roberto Carlos himself knows what he’s feeling.

Musician, broadcaster and speaker: The son of Roberto Carlos, victim of cancer, Dudu Braga switched from surfing to drums when he lost his sight completely

Unpublished songs

In recent months, during the period that he remains confined at home, Roberto Carlos has produced unpublished lyrics. The singer does not reveal, however, if he is already planning a new project or album. To his closest friends and colleagues, he just says, for now, that he “is writing a lot.”

On April 19 of this year, on his birthday, Roberto Carlos asked his fans, through a statement, not to crowd his building’s entrance, as usual, to wish him congratulations. The request remains in force, emphasizes the singer’s advisor.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Last week, no one appeared at the singer’s building to pay homage to Roberto Carlos’ son. The singer prefers that it be so, so that the distancing protocols are not disrespected. Before the current health crisis, admirers of the musician used to leave in his reception – and with regular frequency – gifts such as bonbons, letters, saints and even stuffed animals, something that Roberto received “as far as possible”, as the advisor considers.

‘Since Roberto asked not to go to his door because of the pandemic, no one else has been there. And people are respecting this a lot – says the advisor.

Diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at birth: Roberto Carlos composed music for Dudu Braga when his son was still a child and was undergoing eye surgery

son was best friend

A frequent presence at his father’s shows, Dudu Braga, christened Roberto Carlos Braga Segundo (which earned him the nicknames Dudu and Segundinho), is the result of the King’s first marriage to Cleonice Rossi. He had been battling irreversible cancer of the peritoneum since September 2020. By 2019, Dudu had already undergone two treatments for pancreatic cancer.

– Dudu had already been treated for cancer for the last year, but he had been having positive results. So (the news of the death) was something that took the family by surprise. Roberto is very shaken – says the advisor. — Roberto and Dudu spoke to each other always, always. Every day, more than once a day, the two talked on the phone. They were very close indeed. Dudu accompanied his father in everything. He was that son who was always at his father’s side.

Dudu Braga was admitted to Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo. The 52-year-old broadcaster leaves his wife Valeska, to whom he had been married for 17 years and had Laura, 5 years old. He is also the father of 22-year-old Giovanna and 17-year-old Gianpietro, children from a previous relationship with the producer.

Valeska and Dudu Braga
Valeska and Dudu Braga Photo: Photo: reproduction