Rock in Rio 2022 hits Dua Lipa in pop, but rock still suffers

With the announcement of Dua Lipa, added to the already-reported concert by Post Malone, Rock in Rio 2022 seems to wake up to the pop music produced today and not in the 80s. That’s good news, yes.

Since the festival returned to being held every two years in Brazil, since 2011 (with an interval of 2021, for obvious reasons), the festival’s curatorship, especially of the main stage, known as Palco Mundo, has been problematic.

If the lineup innovates by bringing in too many new artists, it empties the City of Rock. Called the usual medallions, it guarantees a full house, but it receives criticism from those who are slightly more up-to-date with the sound produced today in pop music.

Attraction from the last day of the festival, September 11, 2022, Dua Lipa is in an interesting compromise.

With “Levitanting”, song from the album “Future Nostalgia”, released last year, it occupies a place on the Billboard Hot 100 (the ranking with the biggest news in the pop world) for 33 weeks, was the most listened to British artist in 2020 and recently collaborated with Elton John on “Cold Heart”.

Especially because “Future Nostalgia” was one of the 2020 events in the genre. Not by chance, it won the Grammy for best pop vocal album of the year.

The album proposes an interesting dialogue between the vintage dance beats of the 80s and contemporary pop that needs more hooks than choruses and good dances to reproduce on TikTok.

Post Malone, on the other hand, is the result of this encounter between rap and electronic music formatted to hit the radio. He’s not unanimous, of course, but a lot of that is due to the fact that his sound, aesthetically speaking, is on the fence too much.

Still, the American put on an apotheotic show at Lollapalooza 2019, with funk artist Kevin O Chris on stage, just when the song “She’s the Type” was booming.

Novelty, but not so much

Looking at the charts these days, few names in pop bring the substance of a show that goes beyond one or two hits, familiarity with the Brazilian audience and an air of novelty like Dua Lipa.

Unlike Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber, also announced for Rock in Rio 2022 (below I put the list of all confirmed so far), Dua was in Brazil only once, in 2017, and she was still a growing artist.

Demi and Bieber, together, have 34 shows performed in Brazil, according to data from the website (24 from Demi, 10 from Bieber). Although both are in new stages of their careers, you can’t call them new, can you?

That’s what Dua Lipa brings to Rock in Rio.

It remains for the 2022 edition to resolve the rock portion of the lineup.

After all, since Rock in Rio is Rock in Rio, the guy who likes guitar complains about the festival.

“Hey, if it’s Rock in Rio, where’s the rock?”

Historically, RIR is a great ode to popular radio music and therefore rock enters it as one of many genres, but it is not the protagonist despite the festival’s name.

This time, the well-known Metal Day is set for the first night (what might seem like an attempt to get rid of guitars soon, right?).

On September 2, the World Stage will host Sepultura with the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra, Megadeth, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden – which was in the 1985, 2001, 2013 and 2019 editions – will arrive with a new album in their luggage, the great “Senjutsu”, released in early September, but that would be enough to bring some sense of novelty to anyone who enjoys a sound stick?

Does the festival have the courage to put, on the World Stage, artists that point to the future of the genre, or will we have the confirmation of Guns N’ Roses and other bands as always?

talks festival

In time, Rock in Rio promotes since yesterday an unprecedented and very profitable festival of talks, chats and workshops called Humanorama. The idea of ​​the event, all online, is to create a look at humanity itself.

Free, Humanorama will be held until September 17th. Yesterday, Gilberto Gil and Fátima Bernardes were some of the stars to participate in the event.

The program also includes Gabriel, the Thinker, Monja Coen, Fábio Porchat, Daiane dos Santos. Schedules, schedules and how to watch are available on the official website.

Below, see dates and who was confirmed at Rock in Rio 2022.

September 2nd: Sepultura + Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden (world stage)

September 3rd: Alok, Jason Derulo, Marshmello, Post Malone (world stage)

September 4: IZA, Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber (world stage)

September 8: Duda Beat, Gloria Groove, Corinne Bailey Rae and Joss Stone (Sunset stage)

September 11th: Ivete Sangalo and Dua Lipa (world stage)

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