Samsung Odyssey G3: gamer monitor arrives in Brazil; see prices | Monitor

The new Odyssey G3 gamer monitor, from Samsung, went on sale in Brazil this Monday (13). The peripheral joins other models in the Odyssey line, the G5, G7 and G9, as another option for the public.

The launch stands out for its 144Hz refresh rate, Full HD resolution and sizes of 24 and 27 inches. The monitor has a suggested price from R$2,399 in its smaller version, while the other option can be purchased for figures starting from R$2,899.

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New Odyssey G3 features 24-inch and 27-inch options — Photo: Press Release/Samsung

In terms of technology, Samsung’s new hardware features AMD Freesync Premium, which works best with an AMD graphics card, and promises to reduce screen crashes, flickering and delays caused by any misalignments between the screen refresh rate and the frame rate of the content. The device also features a 1ms response time, which can ensure better gaming performance.

As for design and finish, the Odyssey G3 stands out for presenting a structure with a premium look and no exaggerated edges on three of its sides, which allows a more spacious screen sensation to the user. Another highlight of the thinner edges is the possibility of aligning two monitors without the junction interfering with the visualization of the content. The monitor is available in black color.

The Odyssey G3 can be configured for use in a vertical position — Photo: Press/Samsung

To contribute to ergonomics, the peripheral allows adjustment of height, inclination, rotation and Pivot position, with 180º rotation in vertical mode, which can help programmers or those who work with spreadsheets, for example. Aiming to make the eyes more relaxed and comfortable during use, the Odyssey G3 features Eye Saver Mode, which minimizes the emission of blue light, and Flicker Free, which removes flicker that can cause eyestrain.

The product has a dimension of 54.1 x 49.4 x 26.5 cm (WxHxD) and weighs 4.5 kg in its 24-inch version. The 27-inch model is 61.6 x 60.5 x 27.8 cm (WxHxD) in size and weighs 6.6 kg. The options interface features an HDMI EA version 2.0 and headphone jack, and a Display Port EA version 1.2. Its accessories are 1.5 m power cable and DP cable.