Sanepar extends adherence to debt installment payment until November 30

As another action to mitigate Covid-19’s impact on the most vulnerable families, Sanepar extended until November 30 the deadline for adhesion to the debt installment program for customers. Negotiations of overdue accounts, maturing until June 2021, are carried out via the Private Client Credit Recovery Program (Reclip). These debts can be paid in up to 60 months, with no fine and no down payment. The interest rate was reduced from 0.46% to 0.1% per month.

To sign up, the client has the options of the Sanepar website, the telephone 0800 200 0115, the corporate e-mail or going to the Relationship Centers, in the cities where they are open. Once the debt is negotiated, the installment will be included in subsequent invoices. All installments will be posted directly on the invoices as negotiated, with no cash payment in any situation.

Another difference with Replic is that there is no minimum fee requirement. Regardless of the debt amount, the customer category (residential, commercial or industrial), its consumption range and the final amount of the installment after negotiation, the debt may be paid within 60 months. The exception is with rental properties. In this case, the number of installments cannot exceed the term of the contract.

Debts generated from July onwards may be negotiated, in accordance with Sanepar’s general rules. Debts under legal dispute will not be included in the program.

Social Tariff

Water and sewage bills for customers registered in the Social Tariff can be paid until December 14 of this year. That is, the payment term has been extended by 90 days from September 16, 2021.


Sanepar has not cut off the water supply due to non-payment by any customer since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

All these measures – the payment of debts in installments, the extension of Social Tariff accounts and the maintenance of defaulting connections – continue the Company’s social actions to minimize the impact caused by Covid-19 on families from Paraná.