Seductive Jaguar reveals Alexandre Borges and is eliminated from The Masked Singer · TV News

After seducing with his mysterious way, Onça-Pintada was unmasked at The Masked Singer Brasil and revealed Alexandre Borges, Globo soap opera heartthrob, this Tuesday night (14). The actor surprised all the judges, who in no time throughout the season they cited his name among the guesses.

O TV news he had already made a dossier and anticipated the identity of Onça-Pintada weeks before his elimination from the reality show by Ivete Sangalo.

“I’m also very curious to know who these talents are. It was a wonderful experience,” said the actor after the elimination. “It’s a family program. It’s a joy and we needed it,” he continued, visibly moved.

Eduardo Sterbitch wanted to know if the actor made some kind of laboratory to make the character’s sensual movement. “The costume is a fundamental part for us. When you see it, it gives that chemistry and you say: ‘Wow'”, he commented.

Jacques Leclair’s interpreter in Ti Ti Ti (2010), currently on rerun at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, stated that no one in his family knew of his participation in the program.

Borges narrowly missed the game. The judges thought of eliminating Girassol from the dispute because they were sure of the masked singer’s identity, but at the moment of giving the final word, they decided to remove the wild cat from the reality show.

how was the program

For the first time this season, all contestants performed in the same episode. The four remaining members of team A faced off against group B, and the division was: Arara X Gata Espelhada, Astronaut X Jaguar X, Girassol X Monstro, and Unicorn X Jacaré.

Gata Espelhada once again confused the judges with her performance and gave an exciting presentation with Eu Não Vou, a Fat Family classic, and gave the following clues:

  • “My relationship with music started when I was just a kitten. On weekends I always woke up with my mother listening to wonderful artists, like Cassia Eller, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton in the last volume. I loved it, I went out singing all over the house . Where I come from I also learned a lot about my essence. Even I’m wearing one of my amulets. I don’t think the judges are even close to guessing who I am. And I’m loving this mystery,” she said in the video for presentation.
  • “I’ve done great tributes in my compositions”, commented the character shortly after his performance.
  • Extra tip: it is 1.58m tall.

The second performance of the night was by Arara, who sang Loka, a song by Simone & Simaria with Anitta, and also provoked random guesses by the judges, who pointed out Claudia Raia, Fernanda Gentil and Isabel Fillardis. See the tips:

  • “My tip number 1 today is 70+4. Think about it, huh? Tip number 2: I used to be a famous bird mother. And the last thing I wanted to say is to my competitors: all those who are getting in my way , they will pass, and I will bird”, joked the character before singing on stage.
  • “Once I was flying and a little beetle passed me,” he told Arara shortly after his performance.
  • Extra tip: your shoe number is 40 or 42.

Astronauta appeared on stage singing Coisinha do Pai, composed by Jorge Aragão that was successful in the voice of Beth Carvalho (1946-2019), and presented the following tracks:

  • “I already told you that I was a fish inside that spacesuit. What I didn’t say is that I was also food, tree and even swept the moon. Be careful not to get confused, huh? You already have an idea who I might be. be?” he said in his opening video.
  • “Not everything I did in this life was a good thing”, said Astronauta after singing.
  • Extra tip: it is 1.83m tall.

Onça-Pintada seduced the judges with its walk and provoked curious guesses after singing O Vira, a classic by the group Secos e Molhados. Among the options mentioned were Badauí, Cleber Machado and Eriberto Leão. Check out the clues:

  • “Then I saw a human who thought he knew more than I did. But man doesn’t know more than other animals. They know what they need to know. We don’t. And I didn’t say that, it was a pretty cool human called Fernando Pessoa. If my name was Fernando, I would be Fernando Onça? What is my name, huh?”, he said in his presentation video.
  • “I don’t know how long I’ll be on this program, but while I last, let it be eternal,” said Onça after giving his show on stage.
  • Extra tip: your favorite series is Assédio (2018), by Globoplay.

Girassol gave a strong performance and was in tears after singing Eu Quero É Botar Meu Bloco Na Rua, by Sérgio Sampaio (1947-1994). Her unrecognizable voice was soon guessed by the jurors, who refused to mention Sandra de Sá’s name, but made several puns. Check out the clues:

  • “Nothing against fake flowers. I even have friends who are. But falsehood makes me very angry. Gossip then, I want to enter the land and never leave. Even because I can’t hide my feelings. If I like it, I’ll I like it. If I don’t like it, go out there. The flower talk is straight. Sunflower is not a mess,” he said in his presentation video.
  • “Every now and then comedy comes into my life,” he commented after the show.
  • Extra tip: your home is your favorite place.

The Monster thrilled the judges with his cuteness and voice as he sang I Believe I Can Fly, by American R. Kelly, and made the judges melt with his stutter and performance. See the clues:

  • “When I was a teenager I had to leave the passion for football aside to dedicate myself to studies. As I always had a lot of energy, I needed something more. That’s when I got to know theater and my life changed. Despite that I still practice. sports every day. The good part of it is that I can collect trophies. And my next goal is to win the title of winner of The Masked Singer Brasil to put together with all my achievements,” he said in the presentation video.
  • “I’m addicted to adrenaline,” he commented shortly after the show.
  • Extra tip: your biggest flaw is stubbornness.

Jacaré once again confused everyone with her hoarse voice. The character has already made the judges throb between men and women, but this time they chose to point out Totia Meirelles and Baby do Brasil as a possible masked artist. The character sang Fera Ferida, by Maria Bethânia. See the clues:

  • “I can see that it’s giving you a lot of trouble to find out who Jacaré is. Next, I like riding a bike a lot. But I’ve also fixed a lot of cars out there. Yeah, in life we ​​have to know how to improvise. It’s like they say: for someone who’s drowning, an alligator is a trunk. And I swam was a stroke. I was nominated for several awards at the time. What are you thinking? And look: I grew up among many famous people,” he said in his presentation video.
  • “I live in the swamp, but you can always find me on a beach,” he said shortly after giving his show.
  • Extra tip: Her favorite book is Amyr Klink’s One Hundred Days Between Heaven and Sea.

The final performance was by Unicórnio, who won by presenting a samba version of the song Single Ladies, by Beyoncé. Check out the tips:

  • “They say that whoever bathes a horse with soap is kicked by the rider. But with unicorns, the more soap the better. My bath, for example, is an event. As a sensible unicorn that I am, I bathe with two soaps to make myself smell good. . I love perfumes. What you call exaggeration, I call lifestyle. So, have you figured out the riddle? No, too bad. Try again,” said the character in her presentation video.
  • “I was once confined to a house on a reality show,” she said shortly after the show.
  • Extra tip: afraid of the dark.