Simaria is detonated after talking about a plane crash at the Meeting

Douglas Lima – Special for Uai

posted on 9/14/2021 4:56 PM

  (credit: Reproduction/TV Globo)

(credit: Reproduction/TV Globo)

This Tuesday (09/14), Simone and Simaria made a special appearance at the Encontro com Fátima Bernardes, an attraction on TV Globo.

During the live program, the entire production was taken by surprise with the news about the tragic plane accident in Piracibada, in the interior of São Paulo.

Simone Mendes revealed that many fans believed the two were on the aircraft, as the prefixes were similar – the one that fell was SM, and theirs is S&S.

“I don’t know if because the abbreviation behind is SM, but on our jet it is S&S, by Simone & Simaria. They confused and started this news spreading that we were inside the jet”, reported the colleague to the presenter Fátima Bernardes.

Following, Simaria Mendes said that the two received calls from friends crying, thinking they were among the victims of the fall.

“We always say one thing: whoever has a promise does not die, we still have a lot to fulfill, in the name of Jesus”.
Simaria Mendes

Soon after, the singer’s sister paid tribute and showed solidarity with the victims’ families.

“We want to show solidarity with the whole family of the people who were on that plane. It must be an unbearable sadness,” said Simone.

However, the older sister’s speech received a barrage of criticism on social media.

Check out the repercussion below:

Aircraft crash in the interior of São Paulo

The accident happened this Tuesday morning (09/14). The aircraft crashed in a forest area in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, in the city of Piracicaba, São Paulo. Seven people who were aboard the twin-engine plane model King Air B200, year 2019, prefix PS-CSM – including pilot, co-pilot and five passengers from the same family – died charred on the spot.

The Fire Department has already located the seven bodies, according to the city. The information is from the G1 portal.