Small bars sold 150% more than in July 2019 – News

Bars across the country and neighborhood restaurants helped drive the good performance of the sector in July 2021, with sales 120% to 150% above those registered in the same month in 2019, before the pandemic of Covid-19.

The IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) announced this Tuesday (14) that the services grew 1.1% in July, fourth positive result in a row.

The president of Abrasel (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants), Paulo Solmucci, says that Brazilian establishments in the segment pulled the data on services selling in July 80% more than a year ago, a period in which the few places that kept their doors have had to follow numerous sanitary restrictions.

“But the important thing is to note that we operate at a level equivalent to the 2019 standard, which is the year that interests us,” explained Solmucci.

He mentions that the sector, in nominal terms (how much, in reais, each company earned), showed a slight increase in the comparison between July 2021 and 2019, but, discounting inflation, there was a 5% drop in sales.

The positive highlight, of the humblest taverns and smaller restaurants, is also a reason for concern for the director of Abrasel.

“Those who earn less than BRL 20,000 per month grew 120% to 150% over 2019, largely because of the emergency aid, which was BRL 600 and turned to BRL 300 and is now running out, but it gave customers resources to continue attending these environments,” he commented.

“The question is how these entrepreneurs are going to be without this benefit, especially in regions where aid is more important, such as the North and Northeast.”


“The pandemic had a strong impact on companies until July last year, the situation only started to return to normal in August 2020, but soon after came the second wave of covid-19 and everything closed again”, he explained. “As of April 2021, establishments in certain states began to function and this growth would be natural.”

The president of Abrasel, who had predicted in a June report of the R7 The resumption of bars and restaurants from the following month, as confirmed by the IBGE, states that the positive numbers are not repeated throughout Brazil.

“We see the Northeast, North and Midwest growing much more than the Southeast, which is still operating below 2019, pulled by the stoppages in São Paulo. The South grows a little too.”

Paulo Solmucci believes that the second half will show a real increase (above inflation) of 2% to 3% compared to 2019. “With the opening of establishments in São Paulo, which took place on August 17, and because we see that consumers are spending a little more on the account, as if they were giving themselves a gift after so many months of confinement, we expect very positive results from now on.”