So far, only 575 adolescents have registered for vaccination against Covid-19 in Varginha

Links to register adolescents with comorbidities or disabilities, between 12 and 17 years old, for vaccination against Covid-19, in Varginha, are still open. According to City Hall, vaccination will begin this week for the target audience; the first to receive immunization will be pregnant teenagers.

Until 7:37 am this Tuesday (14), according to data from the City Hall, 575 young people had already registered, that is, demand is low. Of the total, there are 473 young people registered with comorbidities and 102 young people registered with disabilities.

According to the City Hall, pre-registration is essential to promote progress in this new stage of the vaccination campaign. It is noteworthy that this Tuesday (14) will be vaccinated young people aged 18 and this Wednesday (15), young people aged 19 years.


Many residents are questioning the lack of recap in the past two weeks. According to the superintendent of the Special Committee for Combating Covid-19, Dr. Luiz Carlos Coelho, in contact with Varginha Online, there should be a recap this week, but everything will depend on the arrival of a new shipment of vaccines.

It is worth noting that Minas Gerais received over 544,050 doses of the Pfizer vaccine this Monday (13), which will be distributed to municipalities this week.

3rd dose application

Already the forecast for the beginning of the application of the 3rd dose, the City Hall informed that the State Department of Health has set as a schedule the sending of specific doses from the 15th. Initially, in Varginha, the elderly who took CoronaVac will receive this reinforcement. .

“Because AstraZeneca and Pfizer don’t have people who have taken the second dose for more than 6 months”, explains the superintendent, Dr. Luiz Carlos Coelho. More information should be released soon!