Solange already dated Renato Gaucho and revealed abortions

The model and former stage assistant Solange Gomes was confirmed by RecordTV, in the cast of “A Fazenda 2021”, which opens tonight.

The carioca is 47 years old and was successful in the 90s, when she was the muse of the painting “Banheira do Gugu”, on the program “Domingo Legal”. In addition, he collects sensual essays for men’s magazines.

The former drummer queen is often open about her personal life and is quite frank about her relationships with other celebrities.

Meet the new participant of the reality:

Backstage of the “Bathtub”

In the attraction of the program presented by Gugu Liberato, Solange came face to face with several stars of the 90s, accumulating curious stories about several of them. She has already stated that Anderson Leonardo, lead singer of Grupo Molejo, put his hand on her bikini during the game.

In addition, she said that she was scared when playing with Vavá, lead singer of the group Karamedade.

Vavá threw me so hard in the bathtub that I almost hit the corner.

Relationship with Renato Gaucho

Solange Gomes spoke, on several occasions, about the relationship she had with football coach Renato Gaúcho. In her autobiography, entitled “No Regrets”, the model revealed details about her intimacy with the athlete.

“Renato liked to have sex in exotic places. It once happened on the Rio-Niterói Bridge. (…) When we were halfway through, he pulled the car over to the shoulder. I thought: the car broke! , told in an excerpt.

During a participation in the program “Superpop”, the model added that, at the time, there was a rumor that Portaluppi was already committed and talked about the supposed extramarital relationship.

When I was 20, 22 years old, I didn’t respect people. At 45, I respect people’s families, I don’t want to be involved with a married man. […] But at 22, a handsome, attractive, affectionate man like Renato Gaúcho, you get involved, you don’t think much about whether you’re married.”

Daughter with Waguinho

Recently, Solange complained about the cuts made by Pastor Waguinho in the child support he pays for their daughter, 21-year-old Stephanie.

“I’ll always charge because it’s an obligation, even because my daughter is studying biomedicine, it’s not cheap and it’s not just college,” he said, in an interview with a YouTube channel.

In 2004, Waguinho spent 5 days in prison for not paying his daughter’s pension. In 2013, he was arrested by the 11th Family Court of Rio de Janeiro for the same reason. Months later, the pastor and Solange came to an agreement and the request was reversed.

In 2018, the model said that she was only able to raise her daughter with financial help from family members, saying that Waguinho spent 13 years without paying his pension.

Abortions in youth

In a participation in the “Sensational” program, the model revealed that she had had two abortions: one at 17 and the other at 21.

“I already regretted it, talked to God and asked for forgiveness, I made a promise to God, ‘If I ever get pregnant again, I’ll never do it again.’ God sent Stephanie to me, she is the great love of my life “, said.

In her book, Solange states that she had an abortion after becoming pregnant with Renato Gaúcho.

I thought that if I continued, he would be aloof and even disappear, but as I liked him a lot, I decided to have an abortion. I was afraid to tell him, because I had the abortion without telling him.

Involvement with other famous people

Without speaking out, the former stage assistant said she had already had three-way sex with Márcio Garcia and the actor’s brother. “I was a little embarrassed, but things happened,” she said, giving details of the relationship.

The model has also claimed to have hooked up with actor Arthur Aguiar, who she described as “yummy like ice cream”.

In her biography, Solange said that she went to the motel with former soccer player Romário, but that the exit didn’t work out. “He ended up not scoring the goal,” he joked.

transphobia charge

The famous was the target of criticism after participating in the program “Sensacional”, on RedeTV!, and dismissing a suitor after discovering that the man was trans.

“It can be a beautiful bofe, but it doesn’t have the main thing, right?”, Solange said, at the time.

She denied having prejudice and apologized after the repercussion. “I was innocent in the comment,” he stated.

Solange Gomes follows the fashion shows in a box at Sapucaí - Wallace Barbosa/AgNews - Wallace Barbosa/AgNews

Solange Gomes follows the fashion shows in a box at Sapucaí

Image: Wallace Barbosa/AgNews

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