Spine: PS4 gets functional emulator after eight years of waiting

After eight years of waiting, the first stable and functional PlayStation 4 emulator is finally available. The so-called Spine already has a library with hundreds of new game titles and the developer has already promised to add more options in the future.

The eight-year wait for this project to arrive may seem like a lot, but the PlayStation 3 didn’t get a fully functional emulator until April 2018 — that is, 12 years after its launch. The PS4 still has other emulator attempts in progress, such as Orbital, which is not ready yet.

Spine itself was first announced in July 2019 through a video posted on YouTube. You can see titles like Megaman Legacy Collection and Stardew Valley being emulated:

The developer of Spine, known as Zecoxao, has stated that he prefers to avoid “dilution” of emulator development and therefore keeps the source closed. Although the project impressively manages to run over 300 PlayStation 4 games, it’s worth pointing out that AAA games shouldn’t run at high performance. Also, downloading ROMs is not supported.

Most of Spine’s initial library was made up of indie games and the developer confirmed that 2D titles are the ones that perform best on the emulator. The notes on GitHub also indicate that players can use a keyboard to play the titles available.

Spine is only available to Linux users, so Windows gamers are still out of luck and will need to wait a little longer until a working project of this type becomes available.