Tardelli releases video of ‘ambush’ set up by fans

Newly arrived at Santos, striker Diego Tardelli published, in his Instagram stories, a video that shows the ambush set by fans against his car, shortly after the São Paulo club’s elimination in the Copa do Brasil against Athletico-PR.

In the images released (watch below), about ten men appear entering three vehicles to flee after the depredation of the vehicle in which the player was.

“Thank God for your care and protection,” wrote the attacker in the content caption.

In a statement, Santos condemned the acts of vandalism and stated that, if Tardelli decides to use legal means to solve the case, the club will support him in the legal case.

See the moment of action of the vandals:

Player quotes “torture”

At dawn, Tardelli revealed to have experienced “scenes of terror” and “torture” after leaving Vila Belmiro. “We were eliminated, unfortunately. All sad, upset, but I want to tell a horror scene that I went through in my life and I would never have imagined that I would go through it,” he began.

“I was getting close to the hotel and I believe that three or four cars were following me. I stopped at the light, they closed me and they started to break my car, kick, dent, say I was going to die. That torture they do when things don’t go well. I was sad and upset. Counting aloud, ten people, ten fans, ten vandals,” he said.

“Fans have the right to charge, the stage is not the best, but that doesn’t justify what I went through. First time in 15, 20 years of career. It’s very sad to go through that. Fans can go to CT, anywhere to charge, swearing, but assaulting, breaking a car and tackling terror is no longer a part of football. There won’t be punishment. Anything could have happened to me. Lucky I met a policeman on the way to the hotel and escorted me. It’s my indignation. We’re tired and we know that some do this when things are not going well. Half a dozen who do not represent the fans of Santos and other clubs”, added.