Tardelli reports vandalized car and death threat after Santos’ elimination from the Copa do Brasil: ‘Scene of terror’

Diego Tardelli had his car vandalized and was threatened after the Elimination of Santos for Athletico-PR this Tuesday (14), in Vila Belmiro, for the quarterfinals of the Brazil’s Cup.

The attacker told, through videos on Instagram, that he was followed and approached by about 10 people. A policeman helped him to the hotel.

“We were eliminated, unfortunately. All sad, upset, but I want to tell a horror scene that I went through in my life and I would never have thought that I would go through it. I was getting close to the hotel and I believe that three or four cars were following me. At the signal, they closed me in and started breaking my car, kicking, crushing, saying I was going to die. That torture they do when things don’t go well. I was sad and upset.”

“Counting loudly, 10 people, 10 fans, 10 vandals. Fans have the right to charge, stage is not the best, but that doesn’t justify what I went through. First time in 15, 20 years of career. It’s very sad to go through this,” said Tardelli.

“The fans can go to CT, anywhere to charge, curse, but attacking, breaking down a car and tackling terror is no longer a part of football. There will be no punishment. Anything could have happened to me. Lucky I met a policeman on the way to the hotel and escorted me to the door. I’m fine, guys. Here at the hotel, in my room”.

“I’ll rest for training tomorrow. But my indignation remains. I didn’t expect that kind of reaction from the crowd. We are tired and we know that some people do it when things are not going well. The half dozen that do not represent Santos fans and other clubs”, he added.

Diego Tardelli made his debut for Santos against Athletico. The forward entered the second half of the decision.



Fans gathered in front of the stadium to protest against the team