Technology, health and cybersecurity: 17 ETF BDRs debut at B3 this week

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SAO PAULO – 13 new BDRs backed by shares of international index funds (ETFs) debut on the Brazilian stock exchange this Wednesday (15th). The group joins four other funds that became available for investment in B3 on Monday (13).

The list includes funds exposed to diverse segments such as healthcare, technology, clean energy, cybersecurity and cloud computing. All BDRs are backed by ETFs listed in the United States.

Check out the list of 17 new ETF BDRs available at B3:

Initially, the products will only be available to qualified investors, that is, those with invested capital in excess of R$1 million, but B3 intends to release them to individual investors soon.

BDRs are issued in Brazil, but represent another asset issued by publicly-held companies, or similar, headquartered abroad. Originally, the product was only referenced in shares of foreign companies.

Regulatory changes promoted in September 2020 by the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) allowed the instrument to have as a reference the ETFs – funds that propose to replicate large stock or fixed income market indices -, in addition to ensuring access to BDRs by any investor.

According to data from B3, the ETF BDR market totaled 10,500 investors in August, an increase of more than 2,000% compared to December 2020, when the base totaled only 419 investors.

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