The company will pay R$6.8 thousand for the person who watches 13 scary horror movies; see list – cinema news

The company wants to find out if high-budget horror movies are more frightening than low-budget ones.

Horror movies can yield many scares and frightening moments for the public. With that in mind, a US financial company called FinanceBuzz, will pay a person to watch 13 horror movies in October, with a value of US$ 1,300 (approximately R$ 6,800). That person will have their heart rate monitored using the Fitbit while watching the movies.

In an official statement, the company FinanceBuzz explained the reason for paying a person to watch horror movies: “With Halloween approaching, all services and streaming channels will start playing some of the [filmes] favorites that cause fear. In honor of the next scary season, we at FinanceBuzz are dying to know if high-budget horror movies cause more scares than low-budget ones,” he said.

The company is taking into account that, for the most part, horror movies are scary because of their story, not because of the studio’s budget invested in producing them. “Some of the most spectacular and terrifying horror movies were made with stupid change compared to superhero sequels and well-known franchises. In 2007, Paranormal Activity was produced for just $15,000 and grossed over $193 million at the box office. “, quotes the company’s statement.

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What horror movies are on the list?

“You’ll help us figure out whether or not a movie’s budget impacts how scary it can be by using a Fitbit to monitor your heart rate as you review the list of 13 movies below. size of their production budgets,” explained FinanceBuzz, with a chilling selection that features some of the best horror movies of the last decade, at least according to AdoroCinema.

The chosen person will need to watch the following horror movies between October 9th and 18th:

What did you think of these movies? Would you have the courage to participate? Unfortunately, applicants must live in the United States and be at least 18 years of age, with applications valid through September 26th. FinanceBuzz will give the new analyst a Fitbit tracker for a fee of $1,300, plus a $50 gift card (about 260 reais) to cover the horror film festival’s rental costs.

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