The Farm 13: The wait is over! Find out who all the reality show participants are

The fire started in the hay, Brazil! The thirteenth season of “A Fazenda” premiered this Tuesday (13th), on Record. After Marcos Mion left, Adriane Galisteu took over the rural reality show. Some of the 21 participants in the edition had already been announced in advance. On today’s show, four of the five remaining names were confirmed. The 21st and last spot of the reality show is being disputed in “Paiol”, a parallel confinement where four tiktokers fight for the preference of the public.

Among the new residents of the headquarters in Itapecerica da Serra (SP), there are some controversial figures, former participants from other realities, as well as media personalities who have recently made a big splash. Some names were already mentioned by the public for some time – which further increases expectations for the new season. Check out the full list of participants:

Aline Mineiro she became known on television when she worked as Panicat, in the late program “Pânico na TV”. She joined the show in 2015 and stayed for two years. Currently, Aline works as an actress, model, digital influencer, businesswoman and has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

Ex-Panicat is confirmed in the cast of "The farm".  (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Ex-Panicat is confirmed in the cast of “The Farm”. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Dynho Alves started as a dancer on TV shows. In 2016, he threw himself into the music business and released some hits. Married to Mirella, the two have already participated in “Power Couple Brasil”, another reality show on Record.

Dynho Alves is Mirella's husband and is in the cast of the new season.  (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Dynho Alves is Mirella’s husband and is in the cast of the new season. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Erasmus Viana is a digital influencer, model and ex-husband of Gabriela Pugliesi. Viana accumulates 1.7 million followers on social networks. Today, in addition to working with the internet, he is an entrepreneur and co-founder of projects related to healthy living and exercising.

Gabriela Pugliese's ex-husband is also on the reality show.  (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Gabriela Pugliese’s ex-husband is also on the reality show. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Erika Schneider is a dancer and left the ballet of “Domingão do Faustão” in January this year, after eight years in the cast. The also model and digital influencer would have gotten the position that, initially, would be the singer Gabi Martins.

Erika Schneider is another confirmed player.  (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Erika Schneider is another confirmed player. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Solange Gomes was announced earlier, on the program “Cidade Alerta”, also on Record. The model, who emerged in the 90s, was considered one of the most desired women of the time. She was also the muse of the traditional “Banheira do Gugu”.

Solange Gomes is part of the cast of "The Farm 13".  (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Solange Gomes is part of the cast of “A Fazenda 13”. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rich Melquiades was confirmed along with the model, in the police program. The influencer became known for showing his routine to followers on social networks, always accompanied by his mother and grandmother. He also participated in the reality “On Vacation with Ex Celebs”, shown by MTV Brasil. There, he was responsible for several shacks and fights and promises to stir up “A Fazenda”.

Rico was confirmed in the cast just hours before the debut.  (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Rico was confirmed in the cast just hours before the debut. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
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Arcrebian Araújo, model, ex-BBB and ex-No Limite: “I think everything has a purpose and maybe mine is to be in this edition of ‘Fazenda’. The guys will meet me and I’m sure they’ll like it a lot. What I have to show is my truth, I’m going to show the playful Bil, the Bil who likes to talk”.

Despite having shown willingness to abandon the last two realities in which he participated, Bil guaranteed that he will not give up on the farm! (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Dayanne Mello, businesswoman and dancer. The model won a wave of Brazilian fans by participating in “Big Brother Itália” and reaching the final of the reality show. Even without taking the award, she got the word out and was one of the most prominent names of the season.

Dayane Mello 1
Dayane Mello was one of the stars of “Big Brother Italia” this year. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
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Gui Araujo, presenter and businessman. Since his participation in “De Vacation with the Ex” until his dating Anitta last year, Gui has become a frequent personality in the media. He also feels ready for the new challenge: “I’m here with an open heart to face this experience. I’ve followed other seasons, I’m physically and psychologically prepared for any battle”.

@afazendarecordSpoiler exclusive here on TikTok?! We have! 🔥 @guiaraujo13 is another confirmed pawn in #AFazenda 13 and guarantees that he is very prepared for the game 🤠♬ Original sound – A Fazenda 13

MC GUI, singer. After starting his career years ago, when he was still a teenager, the funkeiro scored several hits, such as “Dreaming”, “O Bonde Passau” and “Sua História”. However, it was a series of controversies that made Gui figure in the headlines – like when he was caught in a clandestine casino this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic; and a case in which he filmed and exposed a little girl at Disney, being accused of embarrassing her.

Liziane Gutierrez, model: “I won’t run away from anything. I won’t give up and I won’t be expelled. Otherwise, I’ll go with anything”.

Liziane was best known in the media for arguing with Sanitary Surveillance agents at a clandestine party during the pandemic. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
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Marina Ferrari, influencer and businesswoman. Last year, the influencer even participated in the pre-confinement to enter the program, but ended up being dismissed the day before and was very upset by the situation. This year, the game turned and she already had both feet in rural reality!

@afazendarecordMore exclusive spoiler here on TikTok 🔥 @marinaferrariof is very confirmed in the new season of #AFazenda, which debuts this Tuesday (14), at 10:45 pm♬ Original sound – A Fazenda 13

Medrado, singer and songwriter. The 28-year-old artist returns to the TV screens of Record TV months after her participation in “Power Couple Brasil 5”. After the reality show and her separation from Claytão, this time, Medrado faces the dispute alone and shouldn’t take shit home.

@afazendarecordE we’re going to exclusive reveal here on TikTok 🔥 Tell her it’s her! 🗣️ @medrado is another very confirmed piece in #AFazenda 13 🤠👏🏼♬ original sound – A Fazenda 13
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Mileid mihaile, businesswoman and former dancer: “I’m really happy with this opportunity! I’m not afraid of anything. I’m ready for any situation”.

Mileide said that she will try to follow all the rules of the reality show, as she doesn’t deal very well with demands from others. Hmm, smell like a shack! (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Little Mussun, actor and businessman: “The audience only knows me through my characters. Now they are having the opportunity to get to know me more”.

Son of our late Mussum, the actor said he likes a booze, just like his father. Will it cause at parties? (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Nego do Borel, singer: “I know who I am. ‘The Farm’ is an opportunity for people and Brazil to know too”.

Involved in several controversies, Nego said he hopes to show another side of himself in the reality show, as Biel and Lipe Ribeiro would have done in the last edition. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Tati Breaks Shack, funkeira: “Those who know me know that I’m like this: I say what I think and what I think, regardless of anything. I’m not an actress, I won’t act. Take it from here”.

Balladona, balladona! Tati revealed that Viviane Araújo and Nicole Bahls are some of her references in the reality show. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

James Piquilo, Country singer. The artist has been part of the duo Hugo and Tiago since 2004, when they won the “FAMA” program. Since then, the two have already delivered some hits on the charts, such as the track “Gaguinho”. More recently, Tiago made a big deal out of revealing, exclusively to, who had a phalloplasty procedure – the famous penis enlargement surgery.

Valentina Francavilla, actress and radio host. Born in Italy, the peoa is already known by the Brazilian public, having participated in the “Programa do Ratinho” for many years.

Valentina Fancavilla1
Valentina Fancavilla became known after participating in the “Programa do Ratinho”. (Photo: Disclosure/SBT)

Victor Pecoraro, actor and ex-participant of the “Dance of the Famous”: “My strategy is to take care of the animals, water the plants and prune the poisonous herbs”.

Victor warned that he is a calm guy, but he made it clear that if he needs to, he can pick a fight! (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)