‘The Masked Singer Brasil’: everything that happened in the fifth episode | The Masked Singer Brazil

I bet you were also missing The Masked Singer Brasil, right? Let the fights begin, my heart speed up with the new hunches and one more unmasked is revealed. Oh, and there’s Paula Fernandes joining the judges tonight! So what happened in the fifth episode?

Simone enjoys the fights in the fifth episode — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

The two groups met for the first time. The eight competitors faced each other in combat and Alexandre Borges was unmasked at the end of the night.

Combat 1: Mirrored Cat x Macaw

🐱 Gata Espelhada sings “I’m not going” by Fat Family

Mirrored Cat sings 'Eu Não Vou'

Mirrored Cat sings ‘Eu Não Vou’

  • Tip 1: Is 1.58 tall
  • Tip 2: It has been related to music since I was a kitten. He would wake up on the weekend with his mother singing and wear one of her amulets
  • Judging opinions: Leila Moreno (Eduardo Sterblitch), Lexa (Simone), Patrícia Marx (Paula Fernandes), Simony (Rodrigo Lombardi) and Luiza Sonsa (Taís Araujo)
  • Tip 3: “I’ve done great tributes in my compositions”.

🦜 Arara sings “Loka”, by Simone & Simaria

Macaw sings 'Loka'

Macaw sings ‘Loka’

  • Tip 1: 40/42 pants
  • Tip 2: 70 + 4. Once the mother of a famous bird
  • Judging opinions: Fernanda Gentil (Simone), Claudia Raia (Taís Araujo), Deborah Secco (Eduardo Sterblitch), Kell Smith (Paula Fernandes) and Isabel Fillardis (Rodrigo Lombardi)
  • Tip 3: “Once, I was flying and a little beetle passed by”.

Arara won the match with 88% of the audience’s votes. Mirrored Cat received 12%.

Find out who won the first match of the night

Find out who won the first match of the night

Combat 2: Astronaut vs Jaguar

👨‍🚀 Astronaut sings “Coisinha do Pai”, by Beth Carvalho

Astronaut sings 'Father's Thing'

Astronaut sings ‘Father’s Thing’

  • Tip 1: Is 1.83 tall
  • Tip 2: “I already told you I was an animal. But I was also food, tree and swept the moon”.
  • Judging opinions: Fúlvio Stefanini (Eduardo Sterbitch), Seu Jorge (Taís Araujo), Babu Santana (Paula Fernandes), Sérgio Loroza (Simone), Robson Caetano (Rodrigo Lombardi)
  • Tip 3: “Not everything I’ve done in life was a good thing.”

🐆 Onça Pintada sings “O Vira”, Ney Matogrosso

Jaguar sings 'O Vira'

Jaguar sings ‘O Vira’

  • Tip 1: Your favorite show is Harassment
  • Tip 2: “Man thinks he knows more than other animals, but he doesn’t.”
  • Judging opinions: Eriberto Leão (Paula Fernandes), Marcelo Antony (Taís Araujo), Paulo Miklos (Rodrigo Lombardi), Cléber Machado (Simone), Badauí (Eduardo Sterbitch)
  • Tip 3: “I don’t know how long I’ll be on this show. But while it lasts, let it be eternal”.

Astronaut won the match with 62% of the audience’s votes. Jaguar received 38%.

Discover the result of the fight between Astronaut and Jaguar

Discover the result of the fight between Astronaut and Jaguar

Combat 3: Sunflower vs Monster

🌻 Girassol sings “I want to put my block on the street”, by Sérgio Sampaio

Sunflower sings 'Eu Quero É Put My Block On The Street'

Sunflower sings ‘Eu Quero É Put My Block On The Street’

  • Tip 1: Your favorite place is your own house
  • Tip 2: “False makes me very angry. Gossip then… I can’t hide my feelings. The flower talk is straight”.
  • Judges’ toothpicks: Sandra de Sá (all – they’re sure), Solange Couto (Eduardo Sterbitch), Susana Vieira (Simone)
  • Tip 3: “Around and a half, comedy enters my head.”

👾 Monster sings “I believe I can fly” by R. Kelly

Monster sings 'I Believe I Can Fly'

Monster sings ‘I Believe I Can Fly’

  • Tip 1: Defect is stubbornness
  • Tip 2: “I had to leave my passion for football to study. As I have a lot of energy, I got to know the theater. I collect trophies and I want to win The Masked Singer’s.”
  • Judging opinions: Gabriel Leone (Rodrigo Lombardi), Rodrigo Simas (Eduardo Sterblitch), Rafael Vitti (Simone), Chay Suede (Taís Araujo), Fiuk (Paula Fernandes)
  • Tip 3: You are addicted to adrenaline

Monster won the match with 55% of the audience’s votes. Sunflower received 45%.

Discover the result of the fight between Sunflower and Monster

Discover the result of the fight between Sunflower and Monster

Combat 4: Alligator vs. Unicorn

🐊 Jacaré sings “Fera Ferida”, by Maria Bethânia

Alligator sings 'Beast Wound'

Alligator sings ‘Beast Wound’

  • Tip 1: The favorite book is “One Hundred Days Between Heaven and Sea”
  • Tip 2: “I like to ride a bike, but I’ve fixed a lot of my car. I know how to improvise and have been nominated for several awards. I grew up among many famous people”.
  • Guesses from the judges: Fafa de Belém (Simone), Totia Meirelles (Eduardo Sterblitch), Baby do Brasil (Paula Fernandes), Inês Vianna (Taís Araujo), Rosamaria Murtinho (Rodrigo Lombardi)
  • Tip 3: “I live in the swamp, but you can find me beach”.

🦄 Unicorn sings “Single Ladies”, Beyoncé

Unicorn sings 'Single Ladies'

Unicorn sings ‘Single Ladies’

  • Tip 1: Are you afraid of the dark
  • Tip 2: The more soap, the better. Use two soaps to shower. She loves perfume and what people call exaggeration, she calls a lifestyle
  • Judging opinions: Priscila Alcântara (Rodrigo Lombardi), Aline Barros (Taís Araujo), Manu Gavassi (Paula Fernandes), Carol Biasin (Eduardo Sterbitch), Flay (Simone)
  • Tip 3: “I’ve been confined to a house, on a reality show.”

Unicorn won the match with 90% of the audience’s votes. Alligator received 10%.

Discover the result of the clash between Jacaré and Unicorn

Discover the result of the clash between Jacaré and Unicorn

Ivete Sangalo e Monstro in the fifth episode — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

  • The Monster is voted best of the night by the judges and does not participate in the fights next week, but makes a special presentation.

Judges choose the best of the night

Judges choose the best of the night

  • The judges save the Mirrored Cat and the Alligator. And let’s go to the final fight:

Final Combat: Jaguar x Sunflower

Jurors dance — Photo: Credit: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

  • Jaguar sings “La Bamba”
  • Sunflower sings “Last Dance”

Jaguar sings 'La Bamba'

Jaguar sings ‘La Bamba’

Sunflower sings 'Last Dance'

Sunflower sings ‘Last Dance’

Sunflower was saved by the judges, who made a final guess about the jaguar:

Sérgio Guizé (Taís Araujo), Eriberto Leão (Paula Fernandes), Alexandre Nero (Simone), Mouhamed Harfouch (Rodrigo Lombardi), Alexandre Borges (Eduardo Sterbitch)

Onça Pintada was unmasked and Alexandre Borges left the reality: “Wonderful people, beautiful cast. I am very curious to know who these wonderful talents are. It was an amazing experience for me.”

Jaguar takes off the mask

Jaguar takes off the mask