the shocking before and after of Liziane Gutierrez

Liziane Gutierrez was the third confirmed participant in A Fazenda 13, which definitely starts this Tuesday (14). The polemic model is one that generates more expectations both in reality’s critics and in the general public, after all, her reputation as a ‘barraqueira’ is already known.

According to Fabíola Reipert, for example, who participated in the revelation of some of the pedestrians this Monday (13) alongside Rodrigo Faro, Liziane will be the one who will ’cause’ the most within the accommodations in Itapecerica da Serra.


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For those who don’t know, Liziane Gutierrez gained the spotlight after being caught and expelled from a clandestine party in the affluent region of São Paulo. Dissatisfied, she left the place screaming, cursing the Sanitary Surveillance agents and making accusations to the federal deputy Alexandre Frota.

And Liziane’s shacks are not limited to Brazilian soil, no. One of them even involves the American singer Chris Brown and another the same nationality singer Jason Derulo.

Plastic history

Aside from all the controversies mentioned, the member of A Fazenda 13 remained high in the media for another reason: her numerous plastic works. In fact, she preferred not to comment on anything related to her aesthetic procedures during the press conference on the 9th.

The brunette was even expelled from the contest Miss Butt 2017 accused of fraud. She would have performed gluteal augmentation to enhance the attribute without communicating the organization, something prohibited by the competition.

One of the operations that Liziane underwent it almost cost your life. She fell into a coma after undergoing liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey, a country of her choice after being denied access to treatment in the US.

More recently, the model suffered a serious problem after undergoing a facial harmonization. “One day after performing the procedure, my face felt like it was going to explode” told the girl to the gringo website TMZ. Upon publication, she stated that she was taking legal action against the responsible aesthetic clinic.

Until the removal of the applied products occurred completely, Liziane was hospitalized and appeared in photos with her head bandaged and showing local swellings and scars.

See before and after examples of The Farm 13 piece:

Before and after Liziane Gutierrez (Reproduction – Instagram)
Before and after Liziane Gutierrez (Reproduction – Instagram)

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