These two games can be yours forever [na Epic Games Store até esta quinta-feira] ⋆

This week, the Epic Games Store is offering two nice gifts for players who do not dispense free game ransoms. By the way, last Thursday, September 9th, we had a big surprise. After all, the free games banner on the Epic store indicated that we would only have a single title to redeem, but in the “last minute”, things got a lot more interesting… so take a look at the games that are available?

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According to the initial schedule of the Epic Games Store, players would have access to the game Sheltered, between September 9th and 16th. For those unfamiliar, this is a very interesting survival game, which puts players in control of a family that is struggling to stay alive in the midst of a post-apocalyptic context. The title follows the line of the acclaimed This War of Mine and has a deep emotional appeal. However, this is not the only game that has become available. As I highlighted, at the “last minute”, another game was released as well: Nioh – The Complete Edition.

According to a release released by Koei Tecmo, the game was released to celebrate the Nioh franchise’s arrival at the Epic Games Store, meaning the title sequel was also made available (not for free, unfortunately). Anyway, the fact is that the game offers a very interesting experience, in which RPG and action elements mix very efficiently and guarantee great moments in a Feudal Japan marked by conflicts between men and Yōkai. In short, until 12:00 on September 16, you can redeem two beautiful games for free. So don’t miss this opportunity.