Tiago confirms dating Tânia Mara after having a penis

Tiago, from the duo with Hugo, spoke earlier this morning, in “A Fazenda 13”, that he is dating Tânia Mara. During a conversation with Tati, Liziane and Medrado, on the reality show on Record TV, the countryman confirmed that the relationship remains firm and strong.

“We’re dating. We’ve been together, yes, for seven months. We’ve been together. By the way, I think, right, because now I’m here. Maybe she doesn’t want it anymore, right. She’ll be disappointed or maybe Surprise yourself. It’s anybody’s guess.”

On social networks, the singer cheered for the artist by releasing a video of the call for the reality.

Tânia Mara declares she supports Tiago - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Tânia Mara says she’s rooting for Tiago

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

In July, after undergoing intimate surgery, the singer shared a video on his Instagram profile confirming the end of the relationship. At the time, Tiago said that Tania was frightened by the repercussions of the procedure.

“Imagine, you being with a guy and the next day you wake up with your name involved in all the stories, people joking and taking you to the side of mockery? floor and get nervous?” he said.

“Imagine if it was with you being my girlfriend? Wouldn’t it scare you or embarrass you? As much as you’ve talked about it,” he added.

It is worth remembering that Tânia was already married to Jayme Monjardim. The two announced the end of their 15-year relationship in October 2019.

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