Tiago Leifert clarifies the real reason for his departure from TV Globo

James Leifert
Tiago Leifert (Reproduction/TVGlobo)

James Leifert used your social networks to clarify the real reason for his departure from TV Globo. At the time, the presenter denied the news that said he would have broken with the station after discussions and made it clear that he has no intention of working next year.

“People: the ‘real reason for Leifert’s departure’ is the one I told Ana Maria. Any other is an invention. It may not click and look monotonous, but that’s my reason. It’s mine. The source is me, the only one possible in this case. Because it’s my life”, initiated him.

in a good mood, Leifert mocked the countless speculations surrounding his departure from TV Globo and he stressed that he has no million-dollar contract in sight to have left the station.

“The story would be tastier with a big scandal involving vanities and millions of reais. I know. I also think. But unfortunately I will owe you this one”, he finished.

Reason for Tiago Leifert to leave Globo

During an interview with ‘Mais Você’, with Ana Maria Braga, last Friday morning (10), Tiago Leifert told more details about his decision to leave TV Globo at the height of his career as a presenter. At the time, the famous explained that the idea of ​​leaving the station has already started to be considered in 2020.

“There was a day, which was perhaps my big epiphany of last year, at BBB 20. I got home, 3, 4 am, she [a mulher, Daiana Garbin] woke up and said: ‘The program was awesome! You are not happy?’ and I said: ‘No, because I didn’t do more than my obligation’. She said: ‘Aren’t you going to celebrate?’ Me: ‘No, I’ll celebrate in May, when we deliver the season’. But actually, Ana, I didn’t celebrate in May either because I was already worried about the next one. And that’s when I stopped and said, ‘But when am I going to declare victory?’”, he recalled.

Then the presenter said that he wants to enjoy life to learn new things and, most importantly, spend more time with his family.

“There is so much I want to learn, I want to study, take care of the family. It was that choice I had to make. The mission here is accomplished, but I can go back. I get tough with me. I never play video games on easy. Hard game”, he said. “The first time I had this thought was four or five years ago, but I buried that urge”, he added, who has been working at Globo since 2008.

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