Today’s deponent at the CPI is a ‘women’s agent’, says Randolfe Rodrigues – 15/09/2021

The testimony of lobbyist Marconny Albernaz de Faria, scheduled for today at Covid’s CPI, should not only revolve around his role as an intermediary for Necessidade Medicamentos, which signed a contract with the Ministry of Health for more than R$ 1 billion for the sale of the Covaxin vaccine, considered irregular. The dialogues in messaging apps held by the commission reveal another facet of Marconny. “Among other things, he is a kind of Tinder, a women’s agent,” senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), vice president of the CPI, told the column.

According to the senator, throughout the pandemic, the lobbyist promoted parties at home, many of them with the participation of Jair Renan, son of the President of the Republic. “The parties he does have the following requirements: good sound, good food, influential politicians and many beautiful women”, explains Randolfe.

According to the messages analyzed by commission members, Marconny seeks out these women wherever they are, to help with his lobbying goals. “When he finds out, for example, about a pretty girl in Manaus, he sends her a Louis Vuitton bag in the Amazon, brings her here (Brasilia) and ‘gets in on’ her,” explains Randolfe.

In some conversations, the lobbyist talks about values ​​offered to women. The vice president of the CPI explains that the proofs are in Marconny’s WhatsApp, a file of 320,000 pages.

In addition to attending parties, the relationship between Jair Renan and Marconny also extends to business. Documents obtained by the CPI indicate that the president’s son had the help of the lobbyist to open an events company.

Randolfe says he’s something of Jair Renan’s business tutor. “It would not be recommended to leave any teenager in the care of such a person, especially if that teenager is the son of the President of the Republic”, he criticizes.

The senator says that this situation is the synthesis of the lyrics of the song “O tempo não para” by Cazuza: “They call you a thief, a faggot, a pothead and they turn the whole country into a whorehouse,” he recalls.