Together with Bruno Gagliasso, Giovanna Ewbank enjoys a birthday in a luxury hotel in Ibiza; daily can reach R$ 10 thousand

For her birthday, she said she wants to eat, sleep and relax. Besides that romanticism of a trip for two, of course! So Giovanna Ewbank enjoys the date on which she turns 35. Alongside her husband, Bruno Gagliasso, the two are staying at a luxury hotel in Ibiza, Spain.

Giovanna woke up very excited and soon received several kisses from her lover. He, by the way, presented the woman with a surprise trip to celebrate her birthday. Giovanna, of course, loved it. He jumped up and made a point of showing the room they are in and also the view of the sea and the hotel pool.

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“I want to eat, sleep, eat a little more. Relax, go to the pool, take a dip in the sea…”, quotes the actress about her plans for this Tuesday. “I loved (the surprise),” he continues. Bruno declares himself and also jokes: “I love you. Ps: she only thinks about eating.”

Breakfast was special, decorated with Gio’s birthday wishes. In research on reservation portals, the daily rates at the hotel vary a lot, reaching around R$ 10 thousand.

Actor couple kiss
Actor couple kiss Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Room in which the two are staying.  Bruno lying on the bed
Room in which the two are staying. Bruno lying on the bed Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Giovanna Ewbank clicked by Bruno
Giovanna Ewbank clicked by Bruno Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
luxury hotel
Luxury Hotel Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
suite balcony
Suite Balcony Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Giovanna Ewbank
Giovanna Ewbank Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
special breakfast
Special breakfast Photo: Reproduction – INstagram
sea ​​view
Sea view Photo: Reproduction – Instagram