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Tonico Rocha (Alexandre Nero) will take revenge on Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) and refuse the young woman’s marriage proposal to save Dolores (Daphne Bozaski) in In Times of the Emperor. Without scruples, the villain will blame his former betrothed for his sister’s suffering. He will also promise to turn his fiancée’s life into hell in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

In the chapter next Monday (20), the serials by authors Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão will advance in time, and Eudoro’s youngest daughter (José Dumont) will be forced by her father to marry the deputy. Upon returning to Brazil after graduating in Medicine in the United States, Pilar will learn the news of the future marriage by the evildoer.

Samuel’s ex-fiancée (Michel Gomes) will be invited by the crook to be godmother of the union. Devastated by the fate of Dolores, the young woman will decide to go after Tonico, who will also own a newspaper and publish false information about the doctor. Pilar will then propose to marry him in her sister’s place.

To the surprise of Gabriela Medvedovski’s character, Dom Pedro 2º’s arch-rival (Selton Mello) will reject the request. “But you said you’d rather die than marry me,” the villain will joke, without hiding his satisfaction with the turnaround. “Forget everything I said, what I did,” the girl will say.

“You’re sorry, are you?”, Tonico will gloat, and the doctor will nod: “If you want, I’ll even go down on my knees.” The demagogue will claim that it’s too late for her to back down: “If you only knew how long I’ve been waiting to hear those words from your mouth. It was more than I could dream. Too bad you took too long to recognize your mistake. Because, now, who I don’t want it”.

I really want you to suffer more than a convict knowing that your little sister will be in my hand for the rest of her life. Eating the bread the devil kneaded, because of your fault.

Angry at the refusal of Colonel Ambrósio’s son (Roberto Bomfim), Pilar will scream: “You worm! This marriage won’t happen because I won’t let it, I swear. Even if I have to send you to the fifth of hell, son of a dog”.

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