Transformation in the Corinthians squad becomes evident with America’s return to the Arena

América’s last visit to Corinthians, at the Neo Química Arena, took place in October 2020, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Coelho won 1-0 thanks to a goal scored by Marcelo Toscano, 44 ​​minutes into the second half, and forwarded the classification, which would come in the match of the return, under much controversy.

Next Sunday, the miners will meet Timão in Itaquera, this time for the 21st round of the Brazilian Championship, but they will face a very different team.

On that occasion, almost 11 months ago, Corinthians took to the field with: Cássio; Fagner, Marllon, Gil and Lucas Piton; Xavier, Ramiro and Éderson; Khazars, Mateus Vital and Everaldo.

During the game, Sidcley, Léo Natel, Boselli, Luan and Cantillo also entered the respective vacancies of Lucas Piton, Ramiro, Éderson, Cazares and Mateus Vital.

The transformation in the Alvinegro squad since then has been great, starting with the coach: Vagner Mancini was the Corinthians commander, but now he’s just Coelho’s coach.

Of the starters in that game, only Cássio, Fagner and Gil should take the field next Sunday, if the full-back recovers from injury.

Piton and Xavier lost space, and the other six players are not even in the squad: Cazares did not have his contract renewed, while Marllon, Ramiro, Éderson, Mateus Vital and Everaldo were traded.

Among those who entered the second half, Cantillo and Luan are still options, on the bench. On the other hand, Boselli and Sydcley were fired, and Léo Natel on loan.

So, in all, of the 16 athletes who defended Corinthians in that defeat, only seven remain in the squad, and only three of them are starters with Sylvinho.

But, perhaps, nothing represents so much the difference between the squads as the possibility of Corinthians having, for the first time, Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Willian and Róger Guedes, together.

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