TSE decides to investigate whether September 7 acts were financed and by whom | Policy

The Inspector General of Electoral Justice, Luís Felipe Salomão, decided to investigate whether the undemocratic acts of September 7 were financed and, if so, who financed it. Salomão also wants to investigate whether the acts constituted early electoral propaganda.

President Jair Bolsonaro and supporters participated in the events. Salomão included this investigation in the inquiry being carried out at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

The magistrate wants to know if there was payment for transport and daily rates for protesters, and who was behind the organization of the event.

Justice sources informed Globonews that these new findings are considered a relevant development of the investigation into the acts. It is also the first legal consequence of the acts, mainly because it will focus on clarifying whether it was a spontaneous demonstration and whether it had electoral content.

The procedure was converted into an inquiry, expanding the object of investigation to encompass: possible abuse of economic and political power

  • misuse of social media
  • corruption
  • fraud
  • conducts prohibited to public agents
  • extemporaneous (anticipated) propaganda in relation to attacks against the electronic voting system and the legitimacy of the 2022 elections.

The administrative inquiry at the TSE is the result of an open procedure so that the country’s public authorities could present evidence that proves occurrences of fraud in the electronic voting system in the 2018 elections, particularly in electronic voting machines.

Bolsonaro has spent the last two and a half years claiming that there were frauds in the 2018 elections. 15 days ago, he even called a live broadcast to present what would be the supposed evidence, but at the time he admitted that he had none – and even disseminated information false.

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