Twitter returns to accepting verification requests — once again

After a troubled resumption of checks, Twitter has returned to accepting requests to obtain the authenticity seal of the profile. The platform has re-enabled the request form and now ensures everything is correct again.

The social network did not release the desired badge for three years, returned with the process in the middle of the year and had to suspend it after a week, due to the high number of orders. After normalizing everything, he authorized the requests, but had to stop again — this time, because of the improper issuance of identification for accounts that did not comply with the basic requirements.

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With the improved review process, the birdie platform appears to be confident it has fixed the issues. The criteria previously announced remain the same: the account must have legitimacy (no copying of content), personality and credibility. Some specific profiles have priority in selection:

  • Activists, organizers or influencers;
  • Companies, brands or organizations;
  • entertainers and entertainment groups;
  • Government officials and affiliates;
  • Journalists or journalistic vehicles;
  • Professional sports or e-sports entities;

You must use “Two-Factor Authentication” for your account, have a cover image, profile photo, and maintain your public profile. These requirements were instituted to provide more transparency and avoid unusual situations such as profiles of large influencers with the request denied, while others with very few followers or interactions with active verification.

To clear all doubts, Twitter created a special page in which it explains its criteria quite clearly. Users can request that their account be verified when logging in Settings > Request verification.

stand out from the crowd

More than a mere prestige item, the “verified” gives the follower assurance that it is a real account of a company, artist or digital influencer. In times of fake news and identity theft, creating fake profiles is quite common, which is why the blue seal has become so important.

Anyone who has had a request denied in the past can submit a new request, as long as they have made the adjustments to fit the platform’s criteria. As things have been complicated over the last few months, the suggestion is to submit as soon as possible, before the program goes offline again.

Source: Twitter

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