Vaccinated who caught Covid-19 are already 81.7% of hospitalized in SP – 15/09/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

A survey carried out by the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo shows that 81.7% of the 629 patients hospitalized with Covid-19 in public hospitals have already received at least one dose of the vaccine against the disease.

Of the total number of hospitalized patients, 51.6% (325 patients) have been fully immunized, with both doses or the single dose of Janssen.

Only 18.3% (115 patients) had not been vaccinated.

The numbers were collected on Monday (13).

According to assistant secretary Luiz Carlos Zamarco, who coordinates the work, the high percentage of hospitalized vaccinated people was already expected.

“Adherence to vaccination was total in the city, with practically the entire adult population already vaccinated. We know that vaccines do not guarantee that no one will get sick. Therefore, many of those hospitalized, from now on, will be vaccinated”.

The important thing, he says, is that immunizing agents prevent complications and deaths — and reduce the number of hospitalizations.

He recalls that on May 30, when the epidemic peaked in the city, 1,993 patients were hospitalized in the municipal network — 1,132 of them were in ICUs, which were close to full capacity.
Now there are 629 hospitalized, being only 300 in ICUs and the rest in the ward or emergency room.

“After vaccination was accelerated, the number of admissions plummeted and has remained stable,” he says.

Of the total number of vaccinated patients who are hospitalized, 218 (34.6%) took at least the first dose of Coronavac. Among these, 170 also received the second dose (or 27% of the total hospitalized).

Another 196 patients (31.1%) had already taken at least the first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. Of these, 121 (19.2%) also took the second dose.

Pfizer was the immunizing agent applied to 60 hospitalized patients (9.5%), who took at least the first dose. Of these, 15 (2.3%) also received the second dose.

Another 19 (3%) took the single dose of Janssen. And 21 patients said they did not remember the vaccine they received.

Zamarco remembers that Coronavac and AstraZeneca were the most applied immunization agents in the city, which would help explain the higher percentage of hospitalized patients who took at least one of the two vaccines.

In the same second (13) in which the information was collected, four patients died.

Two of them were not vaccinated and were over 60 years old.

A third victim had received the first dose and was over 60 years old. And the fourth victim, who had also received the first dose, was under 60 years old.

Zamarco’s work also shows the age of the interned and the vaccines they received.

Of the total of 629 hospitalized, 43.7% (275 patients) were over 60 years old. Only six of them were not vaccinated.

Another 27.6% (174 patients) were between 40 and 60 years old. Of these, 30 were not vaccinated.

The age group between 18 and 40 years corresponded to 14% of those hospitalized (88 people). Of these, 31 were not vaccinated.

Patients between 12 and 18 years old were equivalent to 8% (51​ patients), and 28 had not yet received doses.

In total, 20 children under 12 were hospitalized — and none of them had taken the vaccine, which is not yet applied in this age group.

See the study tables below:

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