Watery eyes, heart with hands and face ‘melting’: the new emojis coming to cell phones soon | Technology

Communication by emojis should get richer with the arrival of 37 new emojis on cell phones and computers. The Unicode Consortium, an organization that standardizes icon codes worldwide, last Tuesday (14) approved a new set – this is version 14.0.

Among the novelties are a face with teary eyes, another that is “melting”, a representation of an x-ray and the image of a typical ingredient on the Brazilian table: beans.

Now, the ball is with the companies that develop the operating systems. To get on people’s screens, companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft need to implement emojis – which should happen between December 2021 and August 2022, according to the website “Emojipedia”.

Some of the emojis may look repeated, like the one covering his mouth with his hand – so far, some platforms represent him with a more serious look and others as if he is smiling.

Going forward, there will be a differentiation – likewise with the teary-eyed emoji, which may look like the “beg” icon 🥺, but is smiling.

See below for the news in a representation made by “Emojipedia” – the icons are different from the image above, from Unicode, and illustrate how each company develops different versions:

Draft of new emojis approved in 2021 — Photo: Emojipedia

Unicode 14.0 added 838 new characters – of these, 37 are completely new and the rest are skin tone combinations.

The handshake emoji 🤝, for example, can be combined between all skin tones – there are 25 options just for this icon, increasing representation.

Pregnancy options now include a representation of a trans male, non-binary person and a woman with short hair.

In total, there will be 3,633 different options, among all emojis.