What changes the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the Series 6? – MacMagazine

After a year full of speculation, Apple finally announced the Apple Watch Series 7…and it looks nothing like what was being rumored. 😅

Even so, all is not lost. There are some one-off improvements over last year’s model, although Apple hasn’t revealed many technical details about its new smartwatch — certainly due to a possible delay in its production line.

We are very excited to get our hands on the devices for review, and will bring you even more complete information when the watches are officially released. Below, therefore, we list the main differences between the Apple Watch Series 6, released last year, and its newly announced sibling, the Series 7.

Sizes and dimensions

After three years since the last move in this direction, the Apple Watch has grown a little more. As some leaks indicated, instead of the familiar 40mm and 44mm cases, the new generation of the watch will come in 41mm and 45mm.

Given the larger chassis, the device’s screen will also receive a subtle update and will now provide a useful area 20% larger compared to Series 6 (a lot also due to a better use of the edges), in addition to having the Always-On Display until 70% brighter than the previous model.

Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7

Apple, however, hasn’t said anything about the dimensions and weights of the new watches — so we can’t talk about that for now.

New colors and dials

In the aluminum version, the Series 7 will arrive in five new colors: green, blue, PRODUCT(RED), stellar and midnight — for the first time, there are no options in space gray or silver. The colors of the stainless steel and titanium version have not changed, they are: silver, graphite, gold, Natural and black space.

In addition to the new colors, Apple has also added exclusive dials to look at the Series 7’s larger screen. Contour it is a new Modular Infographic.

The first is an analog dial that pushes numbers to the edges of the clock and dynamically adjusts size based on time; the new Modular, given the larger screen, displays two activity data simultaneously under the hour.

For those who pick up the smartwatch version in partnership with Nike, you will also notice a new display called Nike Bounce.