What now, Snapdragon 888? Apple A15 from iPhone 13 promises to be 50% more powerful than competitors

Apple finally made the iPhone 13 official with the new A15 Bionic chip, which comes with many innovations like the 4nm lithography that allows the processor to have 15 billion transistors. This allowed Apple to make several comparisons with its competitors, saying that its processor’s CPU is 50% more powerful than its competitors, like the Snapdragon 888 or the Snapdragon 888 Plus.

The CPU still has 6 cores, 4 energy efficient and 2 high performance, which bring even more enhancements for games and applications that demand fast response, like Siri.

However, one point drew attention in the announcement of the new processor: a comparison made with its competitors, which were not mentioned, but Apple claims that its chip has a CPU 50% more powerful and a GPU 30% better than theirs rivals.

The A15 Bionic GPU has 6 cores and promises to provide even more realistic textures and lighting effects with the help of the 16-core neural engine that is capable of doing up to 15.8 trillion calculations per second.

It is worth mentioning that the processor also received improvements in image processing, which, together with the new sensors with enlarged aperture and optical zoom of up to 6x on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, promise to guarantee beautiful captures with the new generation.

However, will this difference be reflected in practice? Let’s run tests to find out. So, stay tuned in TudoCelular to check out all the tests that will be performed with Apple smartphones in the future.