WhatsApp gives all users the option to access the same profile on up to 4 devices

The application Whatsapp started to release for all the users the option to access the same profile on up to four different devices, so simultaneous and independent. Still in the testing phase, the “multiple devices” tool started to be used this year, but was only available for specific groups. Information is from the technology site Canaltech.

To stay on top of the news, it is necessary for the user to update the application to its latest version, available on the Play Store or App Store. Right after that, in the option “connected devices”, a redirect is made available so that you can have access to the multiple resource.

Once subscribing to the service, users can connect their profile on up to four devices simultaneously. In the case of WhatsApp Web, the feature makes it possible to access the account independently, without needing the cell phone to be connected to the internet.

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All synchronization takes place quickly. If the user is using the account on the computer and has the cell phone turned off, all incoming messages arrive on the phone as soon as it is turned on and a connection is established again. The novelty had been released this year, but only for small WhatsApp Beta user groups.

User can log out or enter the beta version at any time
Users can leave or enter the beta version whenever they want (Photo: WhatsApp/Print made by Canaltech)

Limitations and security

As it is still being tested, the modality has limitations. One of them, according to the Canaltech website, is the possibility of forwarding messages or making calls only to users of updated versions of the platform on cell phones. The performance and quality of the application also suffers a “momentary reduction” and therefore audios and videos can be affected.

In the desktop version, there may also be some issues with tools like conversation archiving. Nonetheless, if the user is dissatisfied with the feature, he can return to the normal model. Just go back to the “connected devices” option and opt out of the Beta version.

WhatsApp has not yet made a statement about making the function available to everyone. However, the platform had already informed that the user will also find security in this new modality, since the messages exchanged will be protected by encryption. In addition, content will be restricted to specific devices and any “interception attempt” will be identified.

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